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January 2004
12th:  Click for photo A sunny view across the Menai Strait to Anglesey viewed from Y Felinheli (Port Dinorwic).
13th: In the middle of winter, December had been wet and January was to be wetter. This farm gateway was typical of the scene around Llansadwrn  Click for photo . But on drier fields new season lambs were already to be seen  Click for photo . The view is in Llansadwrn looking NE towards Llanddona, later convective clouds gave a shower of hail at 1600 GMT.
26th:  Click for photo Cumulus cloud developed over Liverpool Bay in the afternoon and seen to the NE of the weather station over Mynydd Llwydiarth.
27th:  Click for photo In the morning there was light snow cover on Carneddau and Cwm Idwal. View from the weather station.
29th:  Click for photo Almost clear skies over Anglesey. Looking W across a deserted Traeth Aberffraw. While looking towards Snowdonia from Tywyn Aberffraw it was a cloudier scene .  Click for photo

February 2004
5th:    Click for photo After several days of the grey stuff it was blue skies over a corner of Beaumaris. It was fine enough too for a family to be feeding the swans at Beaumaris Castle  Click for photo.
14th:  Click for photo there was a clear sky and low mist on the fields at dawn at the weather station.
18th:  Click for photo The Menai Strait was a 'Mediterranean blue' colour in the morning. The view is looking NE, from the pier in Beaumaris, towards Penmaenmawr, Conwy and the Great Ormes Head at Llandudno. After a sunny day, with the sun just set, cloud and contrails were illuminated in the evening sky  Click for photo . View is looking W from the Weather Station.
21st:  Click for photo Dust particles, high in the atmosphere, reduced the blue colour of the cloudless sky during the morning. The sky after sunset  Click for photo. View looking W from the weather station.
25th: Convective shower clouds had developed over the snowclad Carneddau Mountains by afternoon. In the centre of the photo, Foel-fras is on the left, C. Llewelyn on the right  Click for photo . Yr Wyddfa, Snowdon, centre-left, is obscured by declining cumulonimbus cloud at 1314 GMT  Click for photo .
View of Snowdonia covered with snow on the afternoon of 26 February 2004. View from near the weather station in Llansadwrn. 26th: There was heavy snowfall during the morning. At 1131 GMT this was how the weather station looked  Click for photo of weather staion in snow . When it had stopped snowing the automatic raingauge was checked to see that everything was running properly. A heater inside keeps the funnel warm melting the snow on contact  Click for photo of raingauge inspection after snow .
The snow was sufficient to bring traffic to a halt, this car went nowhere this day Click for photo. The garden was covered with about 13 cm of snow  Click for photo. This was the scene looking across snow covered fields towards the Nant Ffrancon Pass  Click for photo .
There was even snow down to sea level at Malltraeth, Anglesey  Click for photo. The view is of the Cefni Estuary near high tide.
27th:  Click for photo Snow showers driven by a NE'ly wind (left to right) move across the Snowdonia Mountains during the afternoon. From the left Carneddau, Nant Ffrancon Pass with the summit of Tryfan, Mynydd Perfedd and Elidir Fach with Glyders behind, Llanberis Pass and Snowdon on the right.
28th: Snow in the Llanberis Pass.  Click for photo View is looking SE across Llyn Padarn.
Mountain snow. Yr Wyddfa summit (3560 ft) just obscured in cumulus cloud.  Click for photo Lliwedd is on the left, Crib Goch on the right. While this  Click for photo looks across towards the road from Pen-y-pass, on the left, towards Pen-y-Gwryd on the right .
This wider view of Snowdon is across the Gwynant valley near Gwastadannas on the Beddgelert road  Click for photo . Cwm Dyli hydroelectric power station lies in the bottom of the valley  Click for photo od Cwm Dyli hydroelectric station c.1905 It was built by the North Wales Power and Traction Company in 1905. A small dam was built at the terminal moraine across Llyn Llydaw (at 1400 ft) and piped to the power station in the bottom of the valley over 1000 ft below. The catchment area for rainwater and melted snow is over 4 sq. kilometres. It is one of the oldest power stations running in the UK today, and still generating electricity for the National Grid. It precedes both the Snowdon National Nature Reserve and the National Park. Originally with 2 turbines and generators supplied by 2 water pipes it now operates a single generator, powered by a Francis turbine, using 1 larger diameter pipe. At full output the station produces 10 MW of electricity and uses 3,500 litres of water per second. The water flows out into the Afon Glaslyn, that feeds Llyn Gwynant seen in the photograph looking southwest down the valley, thence to Llyn Dinas and on to Beddgelert  Click for photo of Llyn Gwynant .

March 2004
1st:   St David's Day daffodils in flower in the garden undamaged after the snow  Click for photo . A purple-coloured after-sunset sky with smoke haze  Click for photo .
7th:   Cumulus clouds persisted over Snowdonia during the day  Click for photo. The is view SE across the Cefni Estuary. In contrast there were just a few fair-weather cumulus clouds over Anglesey. This view is looking NW with South Stack just visible on the horizon centre left, while Holyhead Mountain may just be seen centre right between 2 trees  Click for photo.
12th:  Click for photo A fresh sprinkling of snow at 600 ft on the Carneddau Mountains.
17th:  This will take you to the UKWW Weather Watch photographs page The complete series of photographs taken at the weather station, during the Great UK Weather Watch Day, illustrating the changing weather through the day.
19th: Uprooted tree on field looking W from the weather station  Click for photo . A towering cumulus cloud close to the weather station, looking E  Click for photo.
20th: Approach of the high tide: The storm at Malltraeth  Click for photo. Water in the River Cefni backed up at the high tide, note the small headroom left under the bridge  Click for photo : The storm at Malltraeth. But the tide luckily was not high enough to cause any flooding on this occasion  Click for photo .
23rd: Convective clouds developed through the day and a cumulonimbus gave rain early in Caernarfon in the afternoon. Later in the afternoon a cumulonimbus was spotted to the south of the weather station  Click for photo .
25th: Orographic cloud S of the Menai Strait during the afternoon. Looking NE from Beaumaris pier towards Llandudno, taken 8 minutes before the satellite image  Click for photo. Looking SSW from Beaumaris pier  Click for photo .
31st:  Click for photo There was medium level altostratus cloud and a milky sky in the afternoon. Looking W from the weather station.

April 2004
2nd: It was a warm sunny day, this peacock butterfly was caught feeding on primrose flowers soon after emerging from hibernation in a nearby wood pile  Click for photo .
12th: Ploughing being done near the weather station  Click for photo . During the afternoon the air cleared and there was a clear view across to the Carneddau Mountains  Click for photo .
16th: Edge of frontal cloud moving S was forecast to return later on but kept stationary through the day  Click for photo . Clearer sky to the W with some cumulus clouds developing over the Irish Sea  Click for photo . During the afternoon convergent convective cloud was seen to the W  Click for photo . To the S the front remained stationary over the Menai Strait  Click for photo . By evening the front was still there to the S with cirrus clouds developed overhead  Click for photo .
22nd: Cumulus cloud over the allotments at Beaumaris  Click for photo . Beaumaris on a sunny day. The Castle wall is on the left, the White Lion Hotel ahead across Castle Street  Click for photo .
 Click for photo A line of stratocumulus clouds over Snowdonia in the afternoon. Note the trees showing up green with increasing leaf emergence.
24th:  Click for photo View looking S from the weather station showing (over the trees) sea fog in the Menai Strait. Under the cloud mountaintops can be seen above the fog.
 Click for photo Under low cloud sea fog was blowing from the Cefni Estuary over the Cob at Malltraeth.

May 2004
7th:  Click for photo Cumulonimbus cloud over Snowdonia on 7 May 2004. Looking S from the weather station.  Click for photo Looking W from the weather station the hawthorn hedge and broadleaved trees with light- green foliage were still expanding.
12th:  Click for photo A misty morning on the Menai Strait at Beaumaris with the mountains obscured. Boats floating on unusually calm water with the tide receding.
14th:  Click for photo A mostly sunny and warm afternoon, with apple trees blossoming at Brynsiencyn on Anglesey. Snowdonia, with persistent stratocumulus clouds, across the Menai Strait hidden by trees..
15th:  Click for photo Sunny with cumulus clouds at Porth Eilean (Point Lynas), at low water.
17th:  Click for photo This view was taken at Tywyn Aberffraw . The view is looking N (roofs of houses in Aberffraw village just visible in left of image). The cloud is a front moving down from the N that arrived later in the afternoon.
18th: A sunny afternoon at Point Lynas  Click for photo . Cloud on horizon to the N is the approaching cold front. The lighthouse, along with other lights around the coast of Britain, is now automatically operated. The buildings that used to house the keepers have been sold. The photograph shows the light gallery and above a radar, weather instruments, radio and other equipment. The inverted 'lamp shade' is a device used for monitoring any radioactive particles in the air, one of several on the island, part of the environmental monitoring done in relation to the Nuclear Power Station at Wylfa, 13 km west.  Click for photo .
20th:  Click for photo Banded cirrostratus, cirrus and small cumulus clouds. Looking N across the Menai Strait to Anglesey from Caernarfon in the afternoon.
25th: There was an almost clear sky over Castle Street in Beaumaris in the morning  Click for photo . The flags had been put up for the Music Festival being held during the week. Looking towards Gallows Point it is cloudier with cumulus clouds over the Menai Strait and Snowdonia. Moored boats, that had been resting on the mud, were beginning to lift off on a rising tide  Click for photo .

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