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1 January 2002 Pall of smoke overhanging the Menai Strait generated from a fire on the lower slopes of the mountains during the afternoon.
3 January 2002 A flotilla of lee-wave clouds over the Menai Strait and Llansadwrn during the afternoon.
3 January 2002 Lee-wave clouds across the 'old Gadlys cricket field' near the weather station at sunset.
15 January 2002 An almost clear sky over Anglesey. View is from Bangor looking across the Menai Strait towards Beaumaris with Puffin Island beyond.
15 January 2002 The weather was cloudier on the mainland side of the Strait and over the mountains. A working platform can be seen at Porth Penrhyn in Bangor. The rig, the larger of 2 doing work for Bangor University's School of Ocean Sciences, is installing an additional mooring pile at St. George's Pier at Menai Bridge to accommodate the new, and larger, research vessel Prince Madog 2.
17 January 2002 While the sky cleared over Anglesey the Snowdonia Mountains remained cloud covered. View is from Llansadwrn towards the Ogwen Valley.
1 February 2002 Waves lashing against the pier and the Blue Peter Lifeboat House at Beaumaris during a storm. Photo taken 1 hour after high water.
2 February 2002 Tidal defences were tested at high tide on Ynys Gored Goch that lies between the Suspension and Britannia Bridges in the Menai Strait.
1 March 2002 Strong NE wind running waves into Traeth Goch (Red Wharf Bay) at high tide.
1 March 2002 High water in Traeth Goch (Red Wharf Bay). View looking across to the Ship Inn and Trwyn Dwlban.
1 March 2002 The incoming tide has almost covered the salt marsh. View is looking across to the Ship Inn and Trwyn Dwlban.
1 March 2002 Low-lying fields next to the salt marsh are only flooded at high spring tides such as on this day. View is looking NE towards Llanddona.
1 March 2002 High and dry. A strategically (or lucky?) parked car saved from inundation by the high tide at Traeth Goch (Red Wharf Bay).
1 March 2002 Waves reach cottages on the edge of Traeth Goch (Red Wharf Bay). The road along side was inundated.
1 March 2002 View looking SW up the flooded valley of the Afon Nodwydd that drains into Traeth Goch.
14 March 2002 Choppy water in the Menai Strait as a result of a strong E'ly wind and showing cap clouds over the Snowdonia Mountains.
14 March 2002 Almost clear skies over Anglesey. View is from Beaumaris looking towards Gallows Point with Bangor on the mainland beyond.
17 March 2002 Cumulus clouds over the eastern end of the Snowdonia Mountain Range. View is across Anglesey from Gaerwen towards Menai Bridge with Conwy beyond. Fields have now been restocked with sheep following the foot-and-mouth cull in 2001.
20 March 2002 The sun was looming through thin high cloud (with dark lee-wave clouds under) over the Menai Strait at Beaumaris near low water.
26 March 2002 Smoke haze trapped by an inversion in the Menai Strait. View is towards the Nant Ffrancon Pass.
3 April 2002 With ploughing and sowing complete it was time to roll the grass leys to encourage tillering that are being grazed by sheep (and rooks). View from near the weather station towards the cloud covered Snowdonia Mountains.
3 April 2002 Rook nests (25) in tall sycamore trees under grey skies, just before the leaves opened. Most rooks were away feeding on nearby fields.
3 April 2002 The hedgerow banks near the weather station are becoming colourful as Dog-violet Viola riviniana flowers open amongst grass and ivy.
4 April 2002 Cloud forming, disappearing and reforming in the Menai Strait under high thin cloud at 1246 GMT. View is from near the weather station towards Llandegfan with the Carneddau Mountains in the background.
15 April 2002 Bluebells were flowering in the wood near the weather station on this day
19 April 2002 Cumulus clouds were decaying in mid-afternoon over Snowdonia. Overnight snow was receding in the warmth of the day. View is towards Snowdon from near Llansadwrn village.
21 April 2002 A pile-of-plates cloud hovering over Llansadwrn.
23 April 2002 It was an overcast but dry morning in the High Street of the City of Bangor. The old red brick clock has a very small weather vane on top, but can you spot the fine one to it's right?
23 April 2002 The fine schooner weather vane on top of the Deiniol Centre in Bangor's High Street.
30 April 2002 Well-developed cumulus clouds over Snowdonia. Looking S from Llansadwrn.
30 April 2000 Clear sky over Anglesey looking N from Llansadwrn. The clouds you can see are well out to sea towards the Isle of Man.
2 May 2002 A sunny day in Moelfre, a former fishing and boat building village has an important lifeboat station.
2 May 2002 Well-developed cumulus clouds over Snowdonia with cumulonimbus developing over Anglesey. Looking S from Moelfre.
2 May 2002 Ynys Moelfre a small island just off Moelfre Head.
2 May 2002 View NW from Moelfre Head across Dulas Bay towards Mynydd Eilian and Point Lynas on the NE tip of Anglesey .
2 May 2002 With skies clearing in the afternoon 'cloud streets' formed over Anglesey. View looking NW across the Menai Strait from Llanfairisgaer Church on the mainland.
8 May 2002 A bright day in Bangor. View is of 'top-col tower' the old building in Upper Bangor, part of the University of Wales, under thin cloud and haze taken from the Clock Tower in the High Street.
11 May 2002 Cumulus clouds over Snowdonia. View SE from Pont Malltraeth Bridge across 3000 acres of reclaimed marshland with the Carneddau on the left and Crib Goch, Yr Wyddfa Snowdon and Moel Eilio on the right of the Llanberis Pass.
11 May 2002 Cirrus and cumulus clouds over Malltraeth Sands and the Cefni estuary. View SW from the 'cob'. The invasive mud-binding Spartina townsendii Townsend's cord-grass has been growing on the marsh for about 40 years.
11 May 2002 A Virgin Express train on its way from Holyhead to London passing over the viaduct opened in 1848 across the reclaimed Malltraeth Marsh. Note one of the drainage canals part of the scheme first envisaged in 1788 but not completed in full until 1812.
11 May 2002 Fair weather cumulus clouds over Malltraeth taken from Pont Malltraeth.
11 May 2002 View of Malltraeth from the cob that protects the reclaimed marsh from flooding by sea water. Note the debris left by the high tide and storm surge on the 1 February 2002 when 1 or 2 low lying houses were flooded.
16 May 2002 Seeds of willow (Salix sp.) were gently blowing away and being widely on the light wind near the weather station.
16 May 2002 It was a warm sunny morning in Pentraeth and lee-wave clouds, near the Menai Strait, could just be seen to the S low in the sky over the brow of the hill that leads out of the village.
17 May 2002 Cloud was thickening at Beaumaris as boats were beginning to float off the mud on a rising tide. View is SW from Chimney Corner towards Gallows Point with Bangor beyond.
21 May 2002 In the wood at the weather station, as more bright green leaves expand, the light reaching the floor is decreasing every day.
21st May 2002 View looking vertically upwards through the closing tree leaf canopy.
21st May 2002 Bluebells had finished flowering and have formed seed pods (see 15 April 2002 for them in flower at the same spot).
21st May 2002 There was still enough light for a patch of wild garlic to be in flower.
31 May 2002 View across the sand dunes towards the village of Aberffraw with high cloud is encroaching from the NW. Aberffraw was from A.D. 870 to 1282 the capital of North Wales and the site of the palace of the Princes of Gwynedd. It was the scene of many battles with Irish and Vikings. In A.D. 900 there was a Danish colony living here. The tiny estuary supported a thriving shipbuilding industry in the 18th century.
31 May 2002 View from Aberffraw towards Snowdonia Mountains that were enveloped with cumulus clouds all day.
31 May 2002 The Burnet Rose (Rosa pimpinellifolia) in flower on Aberffraw dunes.
31 May 2002 Early marsh orchids (Dactylorhiza incarnata) in flower on Aberffraw dunes.
31 May 2002 Salt spray blown inland by recent gales had damaged leaves on trees growing 1.5 km inland on the W coast of Anglesey.
31 May 2002 Close up of salt spay damage to tree leaves as a result of recent gales.
31 May 2002 View over Malltraeth Estuary towards Snowdonia. In view is an old World War 2 'pill box'.
31 May 2002 View over Malltraeth Estuary, Abermenai Point and the W entrance to the Menai Strait towards the Lleyn Peninsula.
18 June 2002 View across Porth Eilian towards Point Lynas lighthouse, on the NE corner of Anglesey, altocumulus clouds were forming as the sky cleared. Note the calm water; the bay is a safe anchorage for small boats in all but N'ly winds.
18 June 2002 In a SSW'ly wind some lee-wave clouds formed off Point Lynas in the lee of Mynydd Eilian (177 m).
18 June 2002 View from Point Lynas westwards towards Amlwch with the small islands East Mouse (Ynys Amlwch) and Middle Mouse (Ynys Badrig) beyond.
18 June 2002 In flower at Point Lynas was the sea pink, or thrift, (Armeria maritima).
18 June 2002 On the cliff-top at Point Lynas the white sea campion Silene vulgaris ssp. maritima was in flower.
18 June 2002 The blue sheep's bit Jasione montana together with red fescue Festuca rubra in flower at Point Lynas.
20 June 2002 Cumulus clouds seen over the castle walls at Beaumaris.
20 June 2002 It was sunny in the streets of Beaumaris. View is between the Old Court House and the White Lion Hotel.
23 June 2002 A mainly cloudy afternoon on Anglesey. Looking N towards Llansadwrn village.
23 June 2002 View looking S towards Llandegfan village with Snowdonia Mountains beyond. The Nant Ffrancon Pass is on the left while Snowdon (summit in cloud) is on the right.
23 June 2002 Honeysuckle Lonicera periclymenum was in flower in a hedgerow in Llansadwrn.
23 June 2002 Wild roses Rosa sp. were in flower in a hedgerow in Llansadwrn.
24 June 2002 Meadowsweet Filipendula ulmaria was in flower along lanes near the weather station on 24 June 2002.
25 June 2002 A view of Beaumaris looking SW from the top of the 'green mound' (a drumlin). To the right of the castle can be seen the white painted rear of the old David Hughes school and above it the tower of the Parish Church.
25 June 2002 During the afternoon the sky over the Menai Strait was clearing and a yacht was taking the ebb tide from Beaumaris towards Puffin Sound. The view is from the top of the drumlin across the Lavan sands just appearing as the tide recedes. Across the Strait is Llanfairfechan with Penmaenmawr on it's left.
25 June 2002 Looking NE is the estuary of the Conwy and the Great Ormes Head at Llandudno.
25 June 2002 On the Anglesey side of the Strait the view is of Penmon Point and Trwyn Du with Puffin Island (Ynys Seiriol) beyond. The NW entrance to the Strait is between Trwyn Du and Puffin Island.
5 July 2002 Dark clouds persisted over Snowdonia during the afternoon. View from Llansadwrn towards the Nant Ffrancon Pass.
5 July 2002 Good progress had been made cutting and baling grass, for animals winter fodder, but overnight rain had made the cut grass too wet to continue on this day. View towards part of Llansadwrn village.
5 July 2002 Over Anglesey the sky had started to clear but there were still some cumulus clouds that could have produced a shower. View is from Llansadwrn towards Holyhead Mountain (220 m) 20 miles away on the NW tip of Holy Island (the pimple on horizon in the centre of photograph).
5 July 2002 The hedge woundwort Stachys sylvatica was growing in a hedgerow near Llansadwrn village.
July 2002 Similar looking plant the purple loosestrife Lythrum salicaria often grows on the margins of water, but seen at Malltraeth, interesting because 3 forms of flowers are found on different plants. There are 3 sizes (short, medium and long) of style, stamen and pollen grain associated with each. Growing here with meadowsweet.
13 July 2002 Viper's bugloss Echium vulgare in flower growing in a grassy place near Malltraeth.
18 July 2002 A sunny morning in Beaumaris with cumulus clouds drifting in from Liverpool Bay on a north-easterly breeze.
18 July 2002 Around the coasts and salt marshes of the island the blue lax-flowered sea lavender Limonium humile and the pink centuary Centaurium erythraea were in flower on this day.
23 July 2002 Cloud hanging over the mountaintops. View of Cwm Idwal from the Nant Ffrancon Pass. The 'slabs' are centre picture with the 'Devil's Kitchen' on the right.
1 August 2002 Early shallow fog across the fields, with thick fog just visible in the Menai Strait between treetops and Snowdonia Mountains.
1 August 2002 Water droplets, deposited by overnight fog, had made hundreds of cobwebs visible around the garden."
9 August 2002 A funnel cloud, photographed outside his home by Dave Jordon, in Frampton Cotterell near Bristol at 1205 GMT.
11 August 2002 Thistles were still in flower but campions and some other plants have set seed. Barley-straw bales have yet to be collected.
11 August 2002 The grasses have set seed and the air pollen count has rapidly decreased much to the relief of hay fever suffers
11 August 2002 Under grey skies flocks of hundreds of birds, mainly sparrows in this photograph, are taking advantage of the new seasons seed supply. They were working their way along the roadsides verges and picking over harvested barley fields near the weather station.
15 August 2002 Looking across the Menai Strait to Anglesey close to high water. The view is from Caernarfon towards the Mermaid Inn and Brynsiencyn
17 August 2002 Holiday makers enjoying the surf on Aberffraw beach despite encroachment of frontal cloud, from the west at 1336 GMT, that stole the sunshine for the rest of the day.
17 August 2002 In full flower on Aberffraw dunes on this day was the water mint Mentha aquatica.
17 August 2002 The autumn gentian Gentianella amarella was just starting to flower on Aberffraw dunes.
19 August 2002 A sunny morning on Castle Street in Beaumaris.
19 August 2002 Children enjoying the sunshine at the paddling pool at the Blue Peter Lifeboat Station in Beaumaris.
21 August 2002 Sea aster Aster tripolium and sea lavender Limonium vulgare were in flower on this day on Malltraeth salt-marsh.
23 August 2002 Towering cumulus clouds developing during the afternoon that produced rain showers later in the day. View is looking E from the cob at Malltraeth Pool a good place to birdwatch.
3 October 2002 A clearing sky over Anglesey. View is from Caernarfon across the Menai Strait near low water enabling a view of Traeth Gwyllt sand bank .
7 October 2002 Ynys Gored Goch, a small island in the Menai Strait between the bridges, has it's sea defences were tested on an equinoctial high tide.
7 October 2002 High tide at Malltraeth.
9 October 2002 Lee-wave clouds viewed from Ysbyty Gwynedd Hospital.
17 October 2002 The sky was grey but the shades of autumn were reflected in the moat at the castle in Beaumaris.
24 October 2002 The Square in Menai Bridge Porthaethwy was taken over for the day by annual Menai Bridge Fair Ffair Borth always held on the 24th (unless it is a Sunday).
24 October 2002 From the Square in Menai Bridge the road leading up to the Suspension Bridge was crowded on a sunny morning for the fair.
24 October 2002 There were plenty of hot-dogs and toffee apples for sale beneath still green-leaved trees at Ffair Borth.
24 October 2002 There were cumulus clouds well to the west seen over the twin-decked Pont Britannia Britannia Bridge crossing the Menai Strait. It was a high tide with water lapping the top of the sea defences on Ynys Gored Goch, the farthest small island with a white house on it.
30 October 2002 In the afternoon the sky cleared over Anglesey. The view is of the Menai Suspension Bridge, and the Swellies, with part of the Britannia Bridge in the distance.
30 October 2002 Close view of the Menai Suspension Bridge from the mainland shore.
30 October 2002 The town of Menai Bridge.
30 October 2002 The old boat house on the mainland shore near the Menai Suspension Bridge.
30 October 2002 Menai Bridge town and church towers reflected in the calm waters of the Menai Strait.
30 October 2002 View across the calm Menai Strait towards Cadnant Creek.
30 October 2002 A picturesque view of the Menai Strait and Suspension Bridge.
30 October 2002 Well-developed autumn colours on a horse chestnut tree in our garden.
5 November 2002 A sparsely-leafed beech tree in autumn colours. Many leaves on trees in the area had been damaged by salt-laden gales early in the season. Those that survived had mostly been removed by the gale on the 27th October.
10 November 2002 The edge of frontal cloud and cumulus clouds over Snowdonia. View S from near the weather station where it kept mainly sunny.
8 November 2002 The Afon Braint (source in Llansadwrn) burst it's bank and flooded fields at Pont y Crug (near Bryncelli Ddu).
12 November 2002 Following heavy overnight rain a Llansadwrn lane was still covered with runoff water in the afternoon.
15 November 2002 It was a fine and sunny morning in Beaumaris. At the Castle (looking E) the flags hung limply in the calm conditions under an almost clear blue sky. And there were no tourists around!
20 November 2002 Cloud on a front clearing eastwards leaving cumulus clouds over Snowdonia. View from near the weather station towards Penmaenmawr.
23 November 2002 A shower passes to the SE of the weather station: View is towards Penmaenmawr from near the weather station.
23 November 2002 Cumulus clouds give showers over the Mountains of Snowdonia. View is towards the Nant Ffrancon Pass from near the weather station.
5 December 2002 A partly cloudy but sunny morning in Beaumaris. View is SW from Chimney Corner across the bay, near high tide, to Gallow Point. The boats, that are moored in the bay in summer, are overwintering on the hard.
5 December 2002 A closer view of Gallows Point with stored boats. On the left can be seen the entrance to Bangor Harbour and above the University 'Top College' Tower.
5 December 2002 Cumulus clouds over an almost deserted Castle Street in Beaumaris. Looking SW from the Castle.
5 December 2002 Seagulls mount guard on the towers of Beaumaris Castle with cumulus clouds overhead.
5 December 2002 Crepuscurlar rays and backlit decaying cumulus clouds seen at 1546 GMT from Caernarfon. Crepuscular rays may be spotted downward, upward or both; these are upward.

Photographs on this page were taken with a Casio QV-3000EX/lr digital camera.

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