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Garden BirdWatch Survey

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I am a member of the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO). Patricia and I take part in their all the year round Garden BirdWatch survey. This has been running since 1995 and has proved very successful but the BTO is always keen to enrol new recorders. We also take part in the Garden Bird Feeding Survey (GBSF) that takes place each winter between October and March. We are one of about 250 gardens throughout the UK chosen to record the peak number of birds coming to feed each week in our garden. The GBSF survey has completed 30 years of observations; the findings in this and the Garden BirdWatch survey, are being used in research to the benefit of garden birds. The GBSF plays a useful monitoring role in determining the relative numbers of birds visiting gardens. We have done 6 winters recording in the GBSF survey, but it is our 8th year in Garden BirdWatch that has been running for 8 years. Each month we combine the weekly counts of species we have seen in our garden into a monthly record, and update the list. Compare our data with your own garden. We have seen over 50 species so far.

You can join Garden BirdWatch separately but most people soon find that want to become full members!

Members receive a news bulletin, BTO NEWS, six times a year. Garden BirdWatch members receive THE BIRD TABLE, four times a year. BTO staff will give advice and information and local work is organised by a network of voluntary Regional Representatives. There are national and regional weekend and one-day conferences that give members a chance of hearing and meet BTO staff, fellow birdwatchers and leading ornithologists.

By joining the BTO you can make a direct contribution to conservation and learn a great deal about birds.

For more information about the Garden BirdWatch survey check out the web pages at:

  • Garden BirdWatch
  • or contact:

    The British Trust for Ornithology
    Garden BirdWatch
    The Nunnery
    IP24 2PU

    Telephone 01842 750050

    ...You can also e-mail Garden BirdWatch... Please mention this site if you

    For further information on membership, and how you can take part in surveys and help conserve birds, check out the BTO web pages at:

  • The British Trust for Ornithology.

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