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    Times are GMT (UTC, Z). Observations at this station [ ] are 24-h 09-09 GMT, some others { } occasionally refer to other 24-h periods, extremes (provisional) maximum, minimum, rainfall and sunshine are usually 21-21 GMT. When averages are referred to (.) compares with the last decade and [.] with the new 30-y climatological average [1981 - 2010]. All data are subject to verification and amendment.

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    March 2020


    March 1 - a fine morning with a cold WSW'ly wind it had been bright with some glimpses of sunshine, but recently cloud had begun to increase. Pressure 983 mb was rising with lows 958 mb N Scotland and 993 mb Biscay. Pressure was high 1023 mb over Russia and we were in a showery Polar/ maritime airflow from the region of Greenland. There was some snow on the highest mountain summits in Snowdonia. Some weak sunshine and glimpses of bright sunshine in the afternoon, a slight shower of rain at 1545 GMT then a shower of 6 mm hail at 1628 GMT (Kew Gardens 11.1C Loch Glascarnoch -0.3C Kielder Castle 25.2 mm Manston 9.0h Aberdaron 8.8h) [Max 7.2C Min 3/4C Rain 1.4 mm). The sky was clear overnight at times and early on the 2nd with a moderate ground frost -5.0C, but soon began to cloud over at 0900 GMT 5 oktas cover and increasing soon weak sunshine at times. Pressure 988.6 mb was rising quickly and we were in a polar/ maritime airflow with packed marine convection to the north-west. There was a shower of small ice pellets at 0925 GMT. Mostly cloudy, but dry in the afternoon (St James Park 10.9C Cardiff 10.1C Coningsby -3.1C Kinlochewe 18.4 mm St Athan 9.0 mm Aberdaron 9.2h) [Max 7.1C Min 0.2C Grass -5.0C Rain 2.2 mm]. Rain light to moderate in the small hours of the 3rd with a heavy burst at 0212 GMT that included some ice pellets. At 0900 GMT the sky was brightening in a light W'ly breeze and it was sunny later. Snow showers on the mountains. A sunny afternoon and warm enough for bees to be on the flowering heather rockery banks, and nice enough for a cup of tea to be taken in a sheltered spot. Best in the west today (Cardiff 11.7C Shoreham -2.5C Loch Glascarnoch 11.2 mm Capel Curig 7.8 mm Aberdaron 9.1h) [10.6C Min 3.6C Grass -1.6C Rain trace]. A dull morning on the 4th with slight intermittent rain beginning, precipitation was of snow at 2000 ft on the Snowdonia Mountains where there was lying snow at 2500 ft. Pressure was steady on 1007 mb with a low 1000 mb near the Fastnet Rock, S Ireland, and an occluded front over the Celtic Sea. Low 974 was over the Denmark Strait with marine convection to the north-west of here. The rain did not come to much and the afternoon was cloudy, but dry. Able to do work outside , but no bees and no cup of tea [Max 7.6C Min 2.0C Grass -3.6C Rain 0.4 mm]. Another ground frost overnight -3.0C with slight frost remaining on the grass on the 5th at 0900 GMT. Pressure 1001 mb was steady with low 987 mb Brest, 991 mb W of Malin Head and 984 mb SW Iceland. We were benefiting from a minor ridge N Irish Sea with pressure high 1035 mb Azores. The air minimum had been down to 1.0C, so no air frost so far this month. Cloud cover at 6 oktas a few cumuli increasing, moderate hazy visibility. A fine morning with a light E'ly breeze and some weak sunshine and occasional glimpses, becoming sunny in the afternoon and nice enough for a cup of tea. Best in the west (Porthmadog 10.8C Katesbridge -5.9C Mona -0.5C Herstmonceux 36.2 mm Leeming 8.9h Aberdaron 8.6h) [Max 8.6C Min 1.0C Grass -3.0C Rain nil].

    Sprinkling of snow on the Carneddau Mountains, Wales.

    Another cold night with an indicated ground frost minimum -4.7C, but no sign of white frost on the grass on the morning of the 6th at 0900 GMT. The summit of Snowdon had a covering of snow and frost deposition and there was gully snow on several mountain cliffs.A covering of snow on Yr Wyddfa. No rain, but the ground was still soft underfoot. Pressure 1004 mb was rising with low 992 mb Malin Head and an occluded front N Channel and Anglesey. A fine morning mostly cloudy morning with a light SW'ly breeze and moderate visibility. Mostly cloudy with some slight rain or drizzle in the afternoon. Best weather in Cheshire and Merseyside (Nantwich 11.2C Altnaharra -7.3C Bala -3.7C Culdrose 7.4 mm Milford Haven 4.4 mm Morecambe 9.6h Hawarden 6.3h) [Max 10.0C Min 0.4C Grass -4.7C Rain 0.1 mm]. Dull and overcast on the 7th with fine misty drizzle. There had been slight snowfall on the mountains in the early hours. Pressure was on 1011 mb with low 967 mb SE Greenland and a warm front running along the spine of Britain. We had warm most air from tropical regions. It was an inside day today and watched the rugby match Wales narrowly losing to England which was to be the last match played for the season due to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. With strengthening SW'ly wind gusting to 41 mph there was a spell of moderate to heavy rain from 1930 GMT in the evening. Wet and warm in the north (Kinloss 13.9C Hawarden 14.4C Santon Downham -3.1C Achnagart 75.0 mm Capel Curig 8.0 mm Shoeburyness 3.9h Hawarden 1.5h) [Max 19.7C Min 3.5C Grass -1.8C Rain 10.6 mm]. Rain continued after midnight eased then a final heavy shower at 0334 GMT. At 0900 GMT on the 8th the sky had started to clear in a moderate to strong SW'ly. The rain was sufficient to make the ground soft and muddy again. Pressure 1000 mb was rising with low 973 SE Iceland while pressure was high 1029 mb over the Atlantic W of Gibraltar Strait. The jetstream was meandering S of Britain via the Gulf of Mexico and the Canadian Arctic. Shower troughs were in the vicinity and the day was mostly cloudy with sunny spells in one, at 1340 GMT, the temperature rose briefly to 10.3C. Otherwise in the wind it was pretty cold working in the garden, but I did sow some lettuce seeds in the greenhouse (Heathrow 14.3C Hawarden 11.8C Dalwhinnie 1.7C Capel Curig 35.4 mm Lyneham 7.1h) [Max 10.3C Min 6.3C Grass 2.8C Rain 0.4 mm]. On the 9th there was a little snow on the Snowdonia summits especially Snowdon. Just a touch of ground frost overnight with the sky turning cloudier at 0900 GMT. Pressure was on 1012 mb with a minor ridge over the Irish Sea declining as a low 973 S of Greenland began to move in from the west. It was a dull day with a glimpse of sunshine in the morning and a cloudy wet afternoon from 13 GMT moderate then heavy till 18 GMT (Murlough 12.3C Hawarden 11.6C Aboyne -3.1C Derrylin Cornahoule 27.6 mm Lake Vyrnwy 25.0 mm Kirkwall 6.5h) [Max 9.9C Min 4.8C Grass -0.4C Rain 13.8 mm]. A similar dull and breezy day on the 10th, mild overnight the air minimum 5.6C and no ground frost. Moderate (low cloud) fog at 0900 GMT, the temperature 9.4C and 95% RH. A blustery morning with gusts of 35 mph here, 54 mph at Lake Vyrnwy and 48 at Capel Curig. The jet stream was set up over the UK with low 966 mb SW Iceland and cold fronts over the Irish Sea. The temperature rose to 11.0C at 1514 GMT the fell fairly quickly, but it kept dry. Wet in South Wales (Monks Wood 16.5C Usk 14.0C Aboyne -0.9C Sennybridge 26.0 mm Dyce 5.8h) [Max 11.0C Min 5.6C Grass 4.8C Rain 0.2 mm]

    A fine and bright, but blustery morning on the 11th after a windy night. Winds were strong in the N and gusting 54 mph in Scotland. It was sunny in the E and East Anglia. Pressure was on 1006 mb with low 959 mb Greenland and a low-pressure area Iceland and N Scotland 972 mb. An occlusion was over the Irish Sea we had showery rain in the morning (10.2 mm/h at 1121 GMT), a mostly cloudy afternoon with the wind strengthening and heavy showers again in the evening (19.6 mm/h at 1940 GMT). The sky cleared later and overnight with the moon visible (Heathrow 15.4C Cardiff 13.9C Aberdeen -0.9C Shap 23.2 mm Capel Curig 12.4 mm Aberdeen 8.5h Aberdaron 4.3h) [Max 9.7C Min 4.7C Grass -1.4C Rain 3.2 mm]. A fine morning on the 12th becoming breezy again. Overnight an air minimum of 2.8C and -2.1C on the grass. Winds were strong in the west with 60 mph seen at Belmullet Head, Ireland, and there had been heavy snow in Tulloch Bridge, Scotland. We had a polar/ maritime air flow today with pressure on 1005 mb there was a low 979 mb near the Western isles with an occlusion near Malin Head. Bright, dry and windy morning and noon turning showery with sunny spells in the afternoon. There was a shower of rain and ice pellets at 1919 GMT (Coningsby 12.0C Dalwhinnie -1.5C Tulloch Bridge 29.4 mm Lake Vyrnwy 7.6 mm Shoeburyness 9.7h Hawarden 7.5h) [Max 8.7C Min 2.8C Grass -2.1C Rain 2.0 mm]. A mostly cloudy morning on the 13th with slight showers before 0900 GMT. It was not so breezy with a light W'ly, moderate visibility and the temperature 6.9C. Pressure 1017 mb was rising with Atlantic-low 1003 mb W of Shannon and an occlusion over the Irish sea. Mostly dull and grey with a little sunshine and light showers of rain in the afternoon not heavy enough to stop work in the garden (Pershore College 13.4C Cardiff 13.0C Katesbridge -2.4C Camborne 11.0 mm Scolton 8.6 mm Loch Glascarnoch 8.6h Aberdaron 4.7h) [Max 9.1C Min 4.1C Grass 0.1C Rain 2.0 mm]. Much the same on the 14th, a little warmer 8.1C at 0900 GMT and mostly cloudy. Recent light showers of rain and poor visibility and another shower at 0930 GMT. Pressure was on 1010 mb with lows 992 mb S Iceland and W of Shannon with an occlusion over the Irish Sea (sound familiar?). The odd glimpse of sunshine (643 W m -2 1139 GMT) otherwise dull with intermittent rain and heavy rain later (16 mm/h at 1957 GMT). Wet in Snowdonia (Northolt 13.9C Kinlochewe -1.2C Capel Curig 23.2 mm Altnaharra 3.2h Valley 2.2h() [Max 10.5C Min 3.7C Grass -1.3C Rain 13.2 mm]. The band of rain overnight was heavy between 0300 and 0330 GMT had passed over and was over SW England, the Midlands and the Wash. A very dull and damp morning on the 15th the ground after 13.2 mm of rain very soggy underfoot. Overcast and cold in the strong SW'ly wind, moderate visibility. Pressure 1002 mb was rising and the cloud thinning at times allowed a little weak sunshine in the morning and glimpses of sunshine in the dry afternoon. Wet in Snowdonia again (Gosport 13.0C Cassley 1.1C Capel Curig 38.0 mm Thomastown 6.9h Valley 5.4h) [Max 11.0C Min 6.5C Grass 4.4C Pptn trace].

    The first 15-days of the month had rainfall of 49.9 mm (60%) & [58%] of averages. Temperatures were on the cool side with the mean 6.5C (-0.3) & [-0.5]. No air frosts, but the had been 5 ground frosts.

    The 16th had been clear overnight and, while there was no air frost, there was a moderate ground frost the thermometer reading -4.3C. Measured frost deposition was equivalent to 0.5 mm of precipitation. In the garden a mass of Chinodoxa 'Glory of the snow' was in flower, no snow this year for it, just a frost. Pressure 1021 mb was rising with a ridge of high-pressure to the SW from Azores high 1031 mb. Broken clouds with bright spells in the morning, bees were seen out briefly, increased in the afternoon and turning cooler in a freshening SW'ly breeze,. There was rain later in the evening (Frittenden 13.8C Aboyne -7.6C Achnagart 22.8 mm Capel Curig 3.8 mm Lyneham 10.5h Hawarden 8.2h Valley 6.0h) [Max 9.4C Min 1.3C Grass -4.3C Rain 13.2 mm]. Light rain continued after midnight on the 17th with moderate bursts at 0130 and 0500 GMT, by morning 13.2 mm had fallen. Precipitation had also been as rain on the Snowdonia Mountains so, apart from surviving snow patches, the summits were snowfree. At 0900 GMT there was thick fog (code 1) and the trees here were imitating a rain forest, drip drip drip. Underfoot the ground was soft and muddy, conditions were dull and dismal. Topped up the squirrel feeding boxes as at the present time they are removing about a litre of monkey nuts and some hazel nuts a day. Some they eat, others they take away and bury. Maybe they will not go back to find all the hazel nuts and they will germinate and produce saplings. I've not seen any yet, of the monkey nuts, who knows? A frontal system was over St George's Channel and Wales all associated with complex low 975 Iceland. With pressure steady on 1023 mb it was becoming brighter at 0945 GMT, the SSW'ly was force 4/5 and strengthening. A sunless day with rain and strong SW'ly wind gusting to 41 mph at 2135 GMT, rain moderate to heavy at times (Santon Downham 15.9C Alice Holt Lodge 0.4C Eskdalemuir 27.2 mm Capel Curig 27.0 mm East Malling 9.0h Hawarden 1.8h Valley nil) [Max 10.7C Min 6.8C Rain 22.2 mm]. Rain continued after midnight, but the wind moderated. By morning 22.2 mm of rain had fallen in the past 24h (09-09 GMT). This time the rain on a cold front (lying Pembrokeshire to the Wash at 06 GMT) turned to snow on the mountaintops and there was some wet snow lying at 2700 ft. A dull, cold and sunless day the maximum temperature today was 6.7C, the lowest of the month (St James Park 16.0C Usk 11.8C, Pennerley 4.7C Lake Vyrnwy 5.5C, Fyvie Castle -0.5C Lake Vyrnwy 3.4C, Capel Curig 21.6 mm, Kinloss 9.4h Valley nil) [Max 6.7C Min 4.7C Rain 22.2 mm]. The 19th dawned brighter with the sky clearing and pressure 1029 mb rising, cool overnight minimum 2.9C with a ground frost -1.1C. Some cloud was lingering, but Atlantic-high 1041 mb was SW of Ireland, with a ridge towards Anglesey and the cloud was thinning, high-pressure would lead to a most dramatic change in the weather pattern through to the end of the month. To the north of us there was an occluded front with showers of rain and snow, to the south there was a warm front with rain. In between, well it was not too bad a day, bright some weak sunshine in the morning and sunny by afternoon, a shade warmer than yesterday. It did turn cloudier later as the front tried to edge back north (St Catherine's Point 12.7C Porthmadog 11.6C, Liscombe & Tredegar 3.8C, Katesbridge -5.0C Sennybridge 1.2C, Mumbles Head 9.6 mm, Prestwick 9.0h Valley 2.7h) [Max 9.2C Min 2.9C Grass -1.1 Rain 0.4 mm].

    There was hardly a cloud in the sky on the morning of the 20th, a little cumulus over the Snowdonia Mountains. Pressure 1033 mb was rising with high 1038 mb N of Scotland with a ridge 1036 mb W of Malin Head. Cool overnight, minimum 3.3C with a ground frost -1.7C. There was a light E'ly breeze and the temperature 5.8C, visibility was very good. Worked in the garden, planted out some Swiss chard that had stood all winter in modules; serviced the lawn mowers (Flymo and Honda) and glad I got them running smoothly afte winter storage. Hedgehog foraging on the lawn at the weather station.I found tis hedgehog foraging on the lawn, usually don't see them during the day, this one looked healthy enough. We see them from time to time and they leave their droppings in the night near a tray of water. We think they live and hibernate in several ecopiles we have in the wood. Some cloud encroached later associated with an Iberian low 1011 mb that brought some rain to the English channel earlier in the day. Soil moisture under grass determined today was 49.5% dm down from 53.7% dm on 7 February. The best of the weather was in the north-west today (Crosby 11.7C Porthmadog 11.6C, Braemar -7.5C Libanus 0.0C, Bedford 1.8 mm Sennybridge 1.0 mm, Tiree 11.5h Valley 9.8h) [Max 10.1C Min 3.3C Grass -1.7C Rain nil]. The 21st began mostly cloudy, but bright and fine. A cool morning 5.9C with an E'ly breeze. The afternoon was sunny (Otterbourne Water Works 12.7C Pembrey Sands 12.3C, Aviemore -6.7C Kielder Castle 1.4 mm East Malling 11.4h St Athan 8.0h) [Max 10.5C Min 3.0C Rain nil]

    A very fine and sunny morning on the 22nd, and unusually quiet even for a Sunday #lockdown. Just 3 oktas of cirrus clouds and good visibility with a little haze. There was drumming from a woodpecker in the wood and I spotted a treecreeper, they are normally quite elusive birds. A cool night with clear sky the minimum had been down to 1.2C and there was a ground frost -2.4C that had all disappeared by 0900 GMT. It was a good day to sow some broad bean seeds in small pots in the greenhouse to bring on before planting out on the vegetable plot. Used our own compost, but could not get supplies from garden centre as confined to the property due to COVID-19 issues #StayingAtHome (Porthmadog 14.3C, Eskdalemuir -3.5C Capel Curig -2.6C, South Uist 2.8 mm East Malling 12.2h Aberporth 11.3h) [Max 11.9C Min 1.2C Grass -2.4C Rain nil], Tweet about #StayingAtHome .. Very fine and sunny again on the 23rd with pressure steady on 1025 mb in a ridge to S Britain from high 1043 mb over the E Baltic. A low 958 mb over the Denmark Strait meant tight isobars to the NW and fresh winds, Aultbea gusting 52 mph at 09 GMT, and cloudy. Here we had much lighter breezes and sunshine, best in the west (Trawsgoed 15.7C, Topcliffe -6.0C Hawarden -3.0C, Harris Quidnish 20.0 mm Wales nil, East Malling 12.3h St Athan 11.2h) [Max 13.8C Min 2.0C Grass -1.9C Rain nil]. It was great to hear a chiffchaff when I went out to take the obs on the 24th at 0900 GMT. The first of the season, for us a true harbinger of spring. One day earlier than the median date of arrival in recent years. Very fine with a moderate SSW'ly breeze. The temperature rose to 14.6C in the afternoon, but reached 19.4C in Bodelwyddan (Rhyl). Worked in the garden, started digging the vegetable plot. We still have purple sprouting, kale and a plentiful supply of leeks. Best in the west, Wales had no significant rainfall, wet in Harris, western Isles (Rhyl (Bodelwyddan) 19.4C Santon Downham -4.0C Harris Quidnish 41.0 mm Wales nsr East Malling 12.3h St Athan 10.8h) [Max 14.6C Min 4.2C rain nil]. Tweet about comma butterfly and glory-of-the-snow in the garden ..Hardly a cloud in the sky again on the the 25th and after a minimum of 6.7C was already 11.9C at 0900 GMT. Pressure was steady on 1023 mb with the high 1041 mb E Europe. There was a cold front NW Scotland associated with low 1014 mb FitzRoy. S Britain was sunny while it was cloudy in the NW with rain in Ireland and Scotland. It was perfectly dry here with the temperature rising to 18.1C at 1309 GMT. Bala reached 18.2C, Bodelwyddan 17.7C, Mona 15.7C, Gorwel Heights 15.1C and Valley 14.1C. It was very stormy off the Norwegian coast and I'm sure the Hurtigruten ferries would be glad they use the inner passage, they have been sailing these waters since 1893 (Bala 18.2C Santon Downham -4.3C Achnagart 16.0 mm Wales nsr, East Malling 12.3h Aberporth 11.8h) [Max 18.1C Min 6.7C Rain nil]

    I did spot a little cloud at 0900 GMT on he 26th, 1 okta recorded. Otherwise blue sky with moderate hazy visibility (pollution smoke code 04). Very fine and sunny with a temperature of 9.8C rising to 14.3C just after noon. It would have been a good day to go out on an ecological site visit, but with #lockdown in force I made do with 5 times circuits the garden and wood that is 1 mile. Tweet about low humidities .. The Black Hamburg grapevine in the greenhouse has sprouted (Levens Hall 18.0C Porthmadog 17.9C, South Newington -5.3C Usk -2.8C, Derrylin Cornahoule 3.4 mm Wales nsr, Aberporth 12.1h) [Max 14.3C Min 5.6C Rain nil]. The 27th was very fine and sunny with a cool ENE'ly breeze. Pressure 1027 mb was rising with Atlantic-high 1034 mb lying to the north-west. No cloud in the sky at 0900 GMT, very good visibility with smoke haze, ozone levels were moderate across S Anglesey and Snowdonia (source: Air Quality Wales) . The relative humidity was unusually low 37% here, with a temperature of 8.7C dewpoint -5.2C, falling to 32% (dewpoint -5.5) at 10.1C at 1000 GMT. Buff-tailed bumblebee on comfrey.At Gorwel Heights RH was 18% (dewpoint -11.9C) at 10.8C; Gorddinog RH 20% (dewpoint -10.4C at 11.9C; and at Valley (METAR) 46% this falling to 32% (dewpoint -5C) ambient 11C at 0950 GMT. The event lasted several hours spreading to other areas in central Britain, but not as low values. Values rose slowly, but at 1250 GMT was 34%, at 1500 GMT 60% . In the afternoon a mass of buff-tailed bumblebees were feeding on a patch of common comfrey at the edge of the wood (right). The head gardener spotted a red-tailed bumblebee amongst them, but I was not quick enough to capture a photograph (Porthmadog 16.2C Bala -4.8C Edinburgh Botanic Gardens 2.6 mm Aberporth 12.2h Valley 11.5h) [Max 11.9C Min 2.5C Rain nil].

    On the 28th intense Atlantic-high was S of Iceland and low 993 mb N Norway had an associated cold front over Scotland. Remnant frontal cloud was charted over N Wales at 06 GMT; we had 6 oktas of cloud cover at 0900 GMT, high cirrus with lower altocumulus lenticularis to the south, clearing later. It was fine, fairly bright and 7.6C, but the force 4/5 NE'ly breeze felt cold. There was sunshine further SW and S England, in Scotland it was snowing at Altnaharra and was lying at 3600 ft on Cairngorm Mountain (Hurn 13.8C Bala -3.1C Resallach 2.4 mm Camborne 11.5h Valley 7.1h) [Max 11.0C Min 3.2C Rain nil]. It was a cold morning on the 29th, the 4.3C bitter in the force 5/6 NE'ly wind. All surfaces were dry, and the ground was hard and showing surface cracking, not by frost (grass minimum 0.7C, but by dryness. There had been no rain for 11 days; and there was none today. Pressure remained high 1046 mb rising with intense high 1055 mb at noon S of Iceland dominating the weather. Sunny at times, but cool the maximum 8.2C fifth lowest of the month (Usk 10.1C Castlederg -2.5C Resallach 4.2 mm Camborne 11.2h St Athan 10.5h Valley 4.6h() [Max 8.2C Min 3.0C Rain nil].

    A greater spotted woodpecker had found a very resonant tree branch on which to drum on the 30th as I reached the Stevenson screen for the obs at 0900 GMT. It was dull with a light to moderate N'ly wind and the 6.9C temperature felt chilly. Still no rain to measure, I shook out dust, bud scales and a spider from the rain gauge bottle, no beetles today. Any Saharan dust is currently being transported N around the Atlantic intense-high 1051 mb W of Scotland, the jetstream is also in this position. Any dust we have at the moment is mostly local in origin. It continued breezy in the morning and some sunny sells developed in the afternoon. Farmers have been putting several loads of dung on the field adjacent to the weather station, I suspect it is in preparation for it's rotational ploughing and planting a cereal crop. For the last years cattle and sheep have been grazing this field (Glasgow 13.5C Porthmadog 12.8C, Lo Max Lake Vyrnwy 6.2C, Min Trawsgoed -4.0C, Resallach 7.4 mm, Boulmer 10.7h Aberdaron 7.4h Valley 5.0h) [Max 10.5C Min 3.1C Rain nil].

    View of the Carneddau Mountains, Wales in #lockdown.

    A very fine and sunny day on the 31st with a few cumulus clouds at first and very good, clear visibility. The 6.8C RH 80% felt chilly in the E'ly breeze. Pressure was 1037 mb with Atlantic=high 1046 mb not quite as intense, remnant cold front central England, showers on the East Coast, The Wash and Maplin Head. But nice in the garden #StayingAtHome did 3 laps of the garden and got on with some pruning jobs. Still #working some contractors for Scottish Power came to coppice trees under a power line going to neighbouring property. They come every so many years to do this, surprised to see them, did not approach kept well clear, did not stay long. Kept dry during the day (Porthmadog 13.0C Katesbridge -2.9C Resallach 4.6 mm Shoeburyness 11.7h Valley 10.4h) {Max 10.9C Min 3.5C Rain 0.4 mm].

    In contrast to February the month ended with a rainfall total of 85.7 mm, close to the averages (104%) & [101%], the PWD (Potential Water Deficit) was 34.5 mm. Temperatures were also close to the averages with the mean on 7.0C (+0.2) & [0.0] ranking 19th lowest in station records since 1979. Sunny.


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    April 2018

    #StayingAtHome #lockdown

    April 1 - began on a dull note with overcast skies, moderate hazy visibility after recent slight rain. April is usually a dry and sunny month in these parts, after the dry end to March we could do with rain. Pressure 1027 mb was falling with Atlantic-high 1039 mb W of Ireland, and a ridge towards western shores, losing intensity. Seagulls following the plough. There was a fresh feeling NNE'ly breeze veering SW'ly by the afternoon. A little brightness at times with the odd glimpse of sunshine in the morning. There was a cold front N of Scotland associated with low 992 mb over the Norwegian Sea. Ploughing of the field adjacent to the weather station was attracting a lot of seagulls (tweet) picking up what they could find in the turned over soil, the field had been heavily dunged in recent days. A cool day (Gosport 13.3C South Farnborough -5.2C Resallach 9.8 mm Camborne 7.3h Aberporth 0.8h Valley 0.1h) [Max 9.8C Min 4.1C Grass 1.2C Rain 0.6 mm]. A similar start on the 2nd, overcast skies after recent rain, dull and damp. Pressure 1017 mb was still falling as Atlantic-high 1031 mb to the SW with ridge to Cornwall continued to decline. Low 970 mb over the Norwegian Sea had an associated cold front over the North Channel. It was windy in the N of Scotland with Wick reporting gusts of 51 mph. Some brightness with glimpses of sunshine in the afternoon, a little warmer and a dry day (Gosport 15.1C Cardiff 14.0C Santon Downham -1.8C Resallach 13.2 mm Swyddffynnon 5.4 mm Leuchars 8.0h St Athan 3.7h) [Max 12.2C Min 6.2C Rain nil]. A better day on the 3rd starting mostly cloudy, but with signs of the sky clearing in a light WSW'ly breeze. Visibility was good, but hazy and some bright spell with glimpses of sunshine came along during the morning. Pressure was steady on 1018 mb with a high 1022 mb over Biscay and a warm front across the Severn estuary. Still a little cloud around in the afternoon, but this disappeared to give a largely sunny evening. The adjacent field was cultivated today using a 'modern' cultivator it did not seem to take long to get the job done (Cardiff 14.9C Tulloch Bridge -4.3C Resallach 10.4 mm St Athan 8.9h Valley 5.2h) [Max 11.6C Min 3.3C Grass 0.6C Rain nil]. Similar on the 4th fair early in the day, mostly cloudy at 0900 GMT with a temperature of 9.4C. Pressure unchanged steady on 1017 mb with high-pressure 1025/ 1020 Europe and Spain. Atlantic-low 983 mb S of Iceland, it was cloudy in the SW and W and sunny in the E and SE. It was raining in NW Scotland. Here not a bad day, very good visibility so a few small surviving snow patches on Y Garn, Carnedd Llewelyn and Snowdon (Garnedd Ugain). Soil temperatures are still below 10C down to 1 m, at 30 cm it was 9.3C so should be fine for seed germination if a little on the dry side. A warmer day. BBC News: People across the UK appear to be adhering to social distancing rules despite the temptation to go out in the sunny weather, Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove has said. Police face "one of their biggest challenges" of the coronavirus lockdown as the weather improves. He said there was "evidence to suggest" there has been a lower level of compliance among young people. Sussex Police said that two people had been summonsed to attend court after having a barbecue on Hove beach. Others had been stopped by Police entering Wales going to holiday homes or to climb mountains (St James Park 17.3C Lerwick 7.2C, Baltasound -3.5C Baltasound 11.0 mm Wattisham 12.3h (Valley 4.5h) [Max 14.9C Min 6.4C rain nil]. Tweet about the Foehn wind ..The sky had been clear overnight and early on the morning of the 5th, but since had become mostly cloudy 7 oktas at 0900 GMT. Tweet about te first bluebell of the season ..It was, however warm, 14.9C with RH 52%, it was that SE'ly somewhat gusty Föhn wind off the mountains again. The first bluebells of the season had sprung up in the wood, two weeks later than last year, but on the median date of appearance in recent years. The ground was hard and dry with cracks in the soil surface of the met plot. Pressure 1007 mb was falling with low 972 mb W of Shannon on an approaching course. It was raining in SW Ireland, but it was sunny most places and here a nice sunny afternoon. The temperature reached 21.8C at 1359 GMT the RH dropping to 37%. Gorwel Heights AWS had 21.9C and Gorddinog AWS 22.4C. Had to dash inside at 3 pm to join in a family Zoom meeting. There was a little showery rain before midnight (Porthmadog 22.2C Inverbervie 8.4C, Santon Downham -1.4C Cardinham 4.8 mm Scolton 3.2 mm Shoeburyness 12.6h Aberporth 8.5h Valley 5.5h) [Max 21.8C Min 7.4C Rain 1.2 mm]

    The small amount of rain 1.2 mm overnight had dampened the ground 'laying the dust' so that all monitored surfaces soil, concrete and grass on the morning of the 6th were damp. Not enough by any means to restore the water balance. A fine bright morning with sunshine as any lingering cloud (3 oktas) reduced. Pressure 1013 mb was rising with a low 955 mb SW Iceland and an occluded front over the Irish Sea at 06 GMT. The band of showery rain was now over SE England, otherwise sunny. Potted up seedling tomato plants for the greenhouse and for outdoors eventually when the minimum temperatures are higher (Frittenden 18.8C Dalwhinnie 8.5C, Okehampton 5.3C Tyndrum 16.0 mm Tredegar 9.6 mm Aberdaron 12.3h Valley 11.5h) [Max 13.6C Min 8.3C Rain nil]. A very fine and sunny morning on the 7th, I was pleased to hear a blackcap singing the first this season joining the chiffchaff that arrived on the 24 March. No sighting here of house martin or swallow. Visibility was very good with slight haze, a snow patch was still visible on Yr Wyddfa. With pressure on 1029 mb and high 1031 mb not far away over the S North Sea, the jetstream was set well to the N of the UK, a fine day was expected. The temperature was 11.2C and though it did not rise to yesterday's heights the 16.3C in the afternoon was not too bad in a sheltered spot in the garden (Northolt 20.4C Cardiff 17.7C Aberdaron 12.9C, Sennybridge -3.1C Baltasound 2.6 mm Aberdaron 12.5h Valley 12.1h) [Max 16.3C 4.3C Grass 1.2C rain nil]. After an almost clear overnight sky and a very bright moon, apart from early weak glimpses of the sun on the morning of the 8th moderately high altostratus cloud had encroached. It was fine and the temperature 14.1C and pressure steady on 1026 mb. Visibility was very good and clear of haze. Pressure was low 1023 mb over Biscay and 984 Norwegian Sea. There was a cold front over the N of Scotland and a detached warm front over the English Channel. Not to worry, it was sunny by afternoon and several first sightings of holly blue, orange tip, large white, and small tortoiseshell butterflies. Peacocks seen earlier were also seen, but not comma. The wild cherry was starting to bloom on the top of the tree, no leaves yet. The garden has got very dry and some irrigation of flower beds was necessary (Herstmonceux 23.9C Aberporth 15.5C, Kielder Castle -0.5C Mona 1.8C, Lentran 8.4 mm Morpeth 12.0h Aberdaron 9.7h Valley 7.7h) [Max 18.9C Min 7.0C Rain nil]

    Much the same on the 9th albeit broken cloud at 0900 GMT. Pressure steady on 1025 mb with high 1029 mb stationed over the N of Scotland, frontal cloud was over the Borders. Very fine, feeling pleasantly warm, butterflies around the garden. Air pollution ozone moderate level 4 in places including N Wales. Soil moisture level under grass determined today 44% dm was drier than in April and August 2019. On the uncultivated bare met plot it was 14% dm just lower than the permanent wilting percentage 15% for the local soil. All the temperatures in the soil profile 5 - 100 cm read 10C, or more this morning, for the first time this year; 5 cm 12.9C; 10 cm 10.7C; 20 cm 10.4C; 30 cm 11.0C; 50 cm 10.5C; and 100 cm 10.0C. A pleasant evening with little wind and a bottle of beer (Wiggonholt 24.4C Usk 24.1C, Kinbrace -6.7C Glasgow 2.6 mm Blackpool 12.1h St Athan 11.8h Valley 10.2h) [Max 20.9C Min 8.3C Rain nil]. The 10th began fine and warm after a mild night air minimum 11.5C, warmest since 16 January (11.6C). The temperature at 09 GMT was 18.5C with RH 61%. Broken cloud some cumulus with high cirrus clouds. Visibility was moderate with thick haze the result of air pollution and Saharan dust. Ozone levels were moderate level 5 in N Wales (Machlyn Mawr), Cardiff City centre, Cwmbran and Port Talbot (source: Air Quality Wales). I had noticed that seedling sensitive tomato varieties had leaf marks typical of ozone damage. Very fine and sunny day, it was our turn for a warm 22.4C in the Föhn-enhanced breeze, highest maximum of the year so far (Gorwel Heights 20.2C & Gorddinog 20.6C). Pressure was on 1023 mb in a ridge from high 1034 mb SE North Sea in command. Some cloud encroached by evening (Bude 25.0C Trawsgoed 24.8C, Loch Glascarnoch 1.9C Thomastown 7.6 mm Bala 3.6 mm Shoeburyness 12.6h St Athan 12.2h Valley 9.5h) [Max 22.4C Min 11.5C Rain nil]. A fine and warm morning with scattered clouds in hazy sunshine on the 11th, after an overnight minimum of 11.5C, highest of the month so far, the temperature 15.3C at 0900 GMT. Pressure 1024 mb was rising in a ridge from Azores high 1032 mb to central UK. Visibility was poor (< 2 km) in thick haze (smog) a combination of Saharan dust and air pollution. The ozone level at Marchlyn Mawr was a level 5, but was low for NOx level 1. Cardiff City centre ozone was on level 2 and Port Talbot level 3 (source: Air Quality Wales). Despite there being less traffic on the A55 (cameras) the road here seemed just as busy #lockdown. The wild cherry tree had blossom from top to bottom branches today, it is loved by the birds especially chiffchaff and blackcap. Did not quite make 20C today (St James Park 25.5C Cardiff 25.0C, Santon Downham 2.1C Baltasound 6.4 mm Aberporth 12.3h Valley 10.6h) [Max 19.8C Min 11.5C Rain nil]. A fine, but cooler (11.8C) and dull morning on the 12th with moderately high altostratus and cumulus clouds. Visibility had improved and was good to very good with the mountaintops in the clear. The ozone level at Marchlyn Mawr was level 3 and Cardiff City centre and Narberth 2 (source: Air Quality Wales). Pressure was high 1035 mb between Scotland and Iceland, but pressure here 1014 mb was falling with low 1006 mb over Biscay pushing frontal systems our way with a cold front reaching here at 1530 GMT. This weak system produced next to no rain here, but some mixed source dust fallout, and a slow fall in temperature. Llanfairfechan AWS Gorwel had 0.8 mm and Gorddinog 1.0 mm c. 1830 GMT. Hawarden reported 10.2 mm and dust fallout was reported in Wilmslow in heavy rain (St James Park 25.0C Usk 21.6C, Dalwhinnie 1.0C Hawarden 10.2 mm Reading University 11.4h) [Max 15.2C Min 9.0C Rain 0.1 mm].

    After yesterday's minor disturbance the weather on the 13th was back to being fine and sunny. Hardly a cloud in the sky, but a moderate ENE'ly breeze that made the 7.4C at 0900 GMT feel rather fresh. Pressure 1029 mb was rising again with high 1035 mb unusually placed between Scotland and Iceland. A dry sunny day (Cardinham 14.4C Pembrey Sands 14.3C, Dalwhinnie -0.7C Pennerley 19.4 mm Hawarden 3.2 mm Rostherne 12.9h Valley 12.7h) [Max 11.1C Min 5.2C Rain nil]. With high pressure 1030 mb (UK) dominating our weather it was another fine sunny morning on the 14th with just a little cumulus cloud appearing at 0900 GMT. Overnight there had been a ground frost -1.8C, the air temperature went down to 1.5C but, Valley reported an airfrost -1C. The NNE'ly breeze was light, but the 9.3C still felt a little cool. It was a cold day in the NE, at Newcastle after an airfrost -4C the temperature struggled to reach 6C in the breeze off the North Sea and made the 12.5C reached here positively balmy. Manchester reached 10C after an airfrost of -2C. Our Bardsey apple tree has started to flower, earlier than last year when it did not flower until 7 May. Planted out 3 rows of broad beans raised from seed in the greenhouse, they are more successful here grown like this, in the past I have had the seed taken by mice and the small seedlings eaten by slugs. The larger plants stand a much better chance. There was an aircraft flying around today, there have been none for a while. An aerial survey has been carried out in the area of the Carneddau and Llyn in recent days, the flight path did pass over here. The coastguard helicopter, usually busy, has also not been seen #lockdown (Helens Bay 16.8C Bala 15.3C, Redesdale Camp -6.7C Capel Curig -3.1C, Baltasound 3.2 mm Aberporth 13.1h) [Max 12.5C Min 1.5C Grass -1.8C Rain nil]. Very fine and sunny again on the 15th with very good visibility and slight haze. Pressure was steady on 1024 mb. A jet aircraft flew by at 0944 GMT. The NE'ly breeze strengthened through the day (Durham 21.2C Usk 18.6C, Katesbridge -4.2C Cassley 1.4 mm Eskdalemuir 13.3h Aberdaron 13.1h) [Max 15.6C Min 3.7C Grass 0.2C Rain nil].

    The first 15-days of the month had been very sunny and dry with rainfall of just 1.9 mm (4%) & [3%] of averages. Temperatures were on the warm side with the mean 11.1C (+1.9) & [+2.2]. No air frosts, there had been 1 ground frost.

    Another glorious day #StayingAtHome in the garden on the 16th, plenty of jobs to do (running behind with weather updates) and the bluebells in the wood are about at their best. The ramsons, wild garlic, is flowering now and we are continuing to use it as salad, adding the odd flowering stem beloved by chefs, and a few very nutritious dandelion leaves. I have not tried the flowers yet... Traffic past the weather station seemed less this morning and birdsong sounded brilliant. Visibility was good, it was moderately hazy with Marchlyn Mawr monitoring station reporting level 3 ozone pollution, the forecast however was for level 4 to 5 (source: Air Quality Wales). A small amount of cirrus clouds and an ENE'ly breeze, a pleasant 19.1C in the afternoon, and no rain (Bude 21.8C Porthmadog 21.7C Gorddinog 21.1C, Santon Downham -2.1C Bala -1.1C, Resallach 1.0 mm, Morecambe 13.1h Aberdaron 12.0h) [Max 19.1C Min 6.6C Rain nil]. On the 17th the bud scales have started falling off the opening buds on the trees. They are sticky, are a problem to clear up and stick to your shoes and get in the house. Otherwise one welcomes the new light green foliage of spring as will the birds when the insects emerge. It was another fine morning with a few cumulus clouds and just good visibility in thick level 4 smoke haze. A fly in the ointment is a slow-moving low 1005 mb just off cap Finisterre pushing weather up to Brittany and beyond. There were sferics seen in the Channel off Caen, France. Rain was seen on the radar at Porthmadog and Llyn at 10 GMT. Mostly sunny at first, cloud developing rather quickly and a maximum of 14.0C reached at 1328 GMT. Cloud thickening in the afternoon and a heavy localised shower of rain at 23 GMT in the evening, not seen in Llanfairfechan (Porthmadog 18.1C, Tredegar 9.4C, Aboyne -5.4C Lake Vyrnwy 5.7C, Thorney Island 20.6 mm St Athan 10.0 mm' Stornoway 13.6h Valley 3.9h) [Max 14.0C Min 6.0C Rain 7.2 mm]. A fine morning on the 18th with a little weak sunshine. After the shower of rain in the night surfaces were damp and plants in the garden had perked up. The 7.2 mm was sufficient to ensure that this April would not be the driest in Llansadwrn on record, the 9.0 mm so far now exceeding the 6.7 mm recorded at this station in 1980. Pressure 1018 mb was rising with slow-moving low 1011 mb over the Celtic Sea. There was band of cloud over the N Irish Sea and Liverpool Bay, with another over St George's Channel. Little in the way of sunshine today, with a maximum daytime temperature of 11.9C at 1316 GMT, and the afternoon increasingly dull with some spits and spots of rain sufficient to give up gardening activities for the day (Aviemore 16.5C Pembrey Sands 13.8C, Lake Vyrnwy 5.2C, Aviemore -5.4C Lake Vrnwy 3.0C, Lyneham 25.6 mm Usk 9.2 mm, Stornoway 13.7h Valley 0.9h) [Max 12.7C Min 6.4C Rain 0.3 mm].

    Part of the old bluebell wood at the weather station in #lockdown.


    The 19th was a beautiful bright and warm morning. Being a Sunday it was quiet, and no church services and bells because of #lockdown. I walked around the wood with bluebells and wild garlic at their best, no traffic, no sounds other than the vibrant singing of so many birds, blackbird, robin, thrush, persistent great tit, agitated wrens and a sudden resonant drumming of a woodpecker, a startled pheasant and the whisper of a gentle SE'ly breeze in the treetops. I must not forget the aroma of wild garlic underfoot in places - it was a remarkable treat. Horse chestnut bright green leaves and striking white flowers.The temperature had reached 12.7C at 0900 GMT, the maximum of the past 24-h, with 75% RH, very good visibility haze slight, pressure steady on 1022 mb with S Norwegian high dominating. Close encounter with a pile of plates.Cloudy on the western fringe, early upslope stratus cloud was clearing from the Snowdonia mountaintops, elsewhere sunny. In the afternoon I was treated to a close encounter with a 'pile of plates' hovering for 20 minutes or so over the old Gadlys cricket field. Horsechestnut flowers looked striking in today's sunshine and ants were back under the cover, an old metal dustbin lid, of the lysimeter tank (Porthmadog 18.3C Gorddinog 18.0C Lake Vyrnwy 12.4C and 4.8C, Tredegar 0.4 mm Lake Vyrnwy 10.7h Valley 6.5h) [Max 15.3C Min 6.3 Rain nil].

    The 20th began without a cloud in the sky with good visibility and moderate haze the result of pollution ;smoke' and Saharan dust. With a moderate NE'ly breeze all surfaces were dry, the 8.9C at 0900 GMT felt 'fresh'. Trees hereabouts are greening up noticeably quickly, beech a nice pale green colour in particular, Cattle are now grazing the fields near the weather station, the sheep have been moved off somewhere else. Best in the west Cardiff 19.1C, Braemar -5.7C Bala 1.3C, Baltasound 0.4 mm Kinloss 14.2h Aberporth 13.5h Valley 13.0h() {Max 16.0C Min 4.8C Rain nil]. Well there was just a little cloud today the 21st, a lenticular altocumulus cloud had formed just to the S, it did not persist very long It was feeling very fresh in the strong ENE'ly breeze with a temperature of 9.9C, this rose to 18.0C in the afternoon and if you found a sheltered spot it was quite warm. Orange coloured Welsh poppies are in flower in the garden and the blue irises are budding up, these usually give a spectacular display later on. An elm tree, a survivor of the Dutch Elm Disease that affected the wood greatly in the 1970s, was in flower. Soil moisture under grass (2-8 cm) determined today was 39.1% dry mass down from 43.8% dm on the 8th. The top 2 cm consisting of mainly compacted roots and grass containing most of the moisture was 46% dm, down from 69% dm on the 8th. On the undisturbed met plot 0-8 cm deep was 15.2%, similar to that at the beginning o the month. On the vegetable plot, that has a larger organic matter content (part not irrigated), 0-8 cm was 20.7% dm and 8-14 cm was 24.5% dm. The permanent wilting percentage for the soil here is 15% dm. We do have a very dry event and need rain. It is remarkable that this situation has arisen so quickly after the wet months of February and March, this is not only due to having had just 8.8 mm, but also the above average temperatures and high evaporation rates. Today's ET (AWS calculated evapotranspiration) was 3.5 mm, the total this month to date 55.2 mm. You can read about a previous dry spell in March and April 2003, and concerns about soil water here and about the 18-day drought in May 2004 here (Porthmadog 20.9C Fair Isle 10.7C, Braemar -5.9C Sennybridge 2.9C, Scilly 2.6 mm, Kinloss 14.2h Hawarden 13.4h Valley 11.4h) [Max 18.0C Min 6.2C rain nil]..



    It was sunny everywhere on the morning of the 22nd with just 1 okta noted here at 0900 GMT. All surfaces were dry, except the lysimeter where there was heavy guttation. Pressure was steady on 1022 mb with high 1037 mb S Norway unmoved. Low 1006 mb was over the Med with disturbed weather, a detached occlusion was off SW Ireland and over Charente Maritime. Fine and sunny here, but there was a slowly moderating force 5 NNE'ly so finding a sheltered spot was best, it was warm in the afternoon with a maximum of 18.2C (Hurn 22.6C Porthmadog 22.3C, Braemar -4.8C Bala 1.5C. St James Park 0.2 mm, Kirkwall 13.8h St Athan 11.9h Valley 11.4h) [Max 18.2C Min 6.2C Rain nil]. A mostly cloudy start to the day on the 23rd with weak sunshine cloud decreasing with sunshine later. A little warmer, 12.6C at 0900 GMT rising to 18.9C in the afternoon. Pressure steady on 1022 mb with high 1030 over the Norwegian Sea, Erected temporary extra staging in the greenhouse to accommodate pricked out seedlings growing for the herbaceous border and indoor / outdoor tomato plants (Herstmonceux 24.3C Porthmadog 23.1C, Fair Isle 8.5C Aberporth 15.5C, Altnaharra -4.1C Bala 1.6C, Houghton Hall 0.2 mm, Kinloss 14.2h St Athan 12.4h Valley 7.1h) [Max 18.9C Min 8.0C Rain nil]. Tricky to photograph guttation droplets at the tips of grass leaves.Another of those rare cloudless mornings on the 24th, although we have had a few lately, they are nevertheless rare here. Again all surfaces were dry except grass on the lysimeter where there was heavy guttation (photo left), this is not dew but exudation of drops of xylem sap on the tips or edges of leaves of grasses and some other vascular plants. Kept irrigated, at as near moisture saturation point as possible, the lysimeter grass is not short of water and guttation takes place, whereas there was none on the 'dry' grass areas where the soil is far below saturation at present. I have been making my own Bara Gorsaf Tywydd weather station bread for a while and made a loaf today. My home made weather station bread.I have not been able to get the Melin Llynnon stoneground wholemeal flour for some years now, so the recipe has changed. Any flour has become unobtainable in the shops at present and yeast is like gold dust #lockdown. I normally keep a small stock, but it won't last for ever. A very fine and sunny day (Porthmadog 23.2C, Wick 8.7C Libanus 17.4C, Kinbrace -5.0C Bala 0.5C, Aberporth 0.4 mm, Altnaharra 14.1h Hawarden 13.1h Valley 12.1h) [Max 19.4C Min 9.4C Rain nil]. A pleasantly warm morning on the 25th, but mostly cloudy the sky having moderately high altostratus. At 0900 GMT 17.9C and 56% RH, it was fairly bright with glimpses of weak sunshine. So pleasant that able to have a cup of coffee in the garden after obs. It was so quiet (Saturday less traffic) that I was able to hear the hum of insects in the trees along with the chiffchaff and a distant woodpecker drumming Sunshine was at a premium today with localised cloud affecting Anglesey and Snowdonia (Aviemore 20.7C Trawsgoed 20.2C, Inverbervie 8.0C Valley 14.8C, Altnaharra -2.3C Capel Curig 4.3C, Trawsgoed 0.4 mm, Dundrennan 13.6h Aberporth 11.5h Valley 2.2h) [Max 19.1C Min 9.4C Rain nil].

    The 26th began very murky with very poor visibility, fog was reported at Valley. At 0900 GMT visibility was still poor partly due to poor air quality. Marchlyn Mawr monitoring station was reporting level 5 ozone concentrations compared wit the centre of Cardiff level 2. There were glimpses of weak sunshine and ground conditions remained 'dry as a bone', there was slight guttation on grassy areas this morning. Pressure 1012 mb with high 1014 mb off east Anglia. A light SW'ly freshening as a weak cold front was here about 15 GMT, the SW'ly wind backing NNE'ly. Did potting up of tomato plants currently Tumbler F1 for outdoor, Fandango and Mountain Magic, I normally grow my own, which is just as well as unlikely to get any from garden centres closed for #lockdown. Brittany Ferries appear to be operating normally for freight traffic viewed online via 'shipais'. The Company started out bringing cauliflowers from Brittany to Britain and expanded into car and passenger traffic. We have been with them many times over the years to holiday in France (Holbeach 22.4C Cardiff 19.5C, Santon Downham -1.7C Whitechurch 2.9C, Normanby Hall 8.2 mm Gogerddan 1.2 mm, Wattisham 13.5h St Athan 9.9h Valley 2.3h) [Max 13.4C Min 8.1C Rain 0.2 mm]. Emerging tree leaves looked stunning.A brighter fresher morning on the 27th with the sky clearing after a weak cold front leaving some cumulus clouds over the mountaintops of Snowdonia. Pressure was 1010 mb with low 1003 mb S Norway and an occlusion over Scotland. With a really blue, blue sky overhead the day was very sunny. In the bright sunlight the newly emerging light-green leaves on beech trees in particular across green fields, and the white flower candles on horse chestnuts, looked stunning. Cattle had replaced the sheep that had been grazing. A tempting view of the mountains and Moel Eilio currently closed to visitors (Frittenden 20.6C Porthmadog 16.2C, Katesbridge -3.4C Tredgear 5.7C, Glasgow 7.0 mm Trawsgoed 1.2 mm, Morecambe 13.9h Valley 11.2h) [Max 12.8C Min 7.3C Rain 0.1 mm]. In contrast we had a dull day on the 28th, but no one should complain as we needed some rain on the garden and fields for forage and crops to grow. Spits and spots in the morning as an area of rain to the S and SE of the Snowdonia Mountain range to arrive. Pressure was on 1006 mb with a low 1002 mb over Somerset and a with a warm front over central Wales, a detached cold front was across N England. The best of he weather was in N Ireland, N Scotland and NE England; it was very wet in S Wales. The temperature here rose to 8.6C at 1050 GMT then fell slowly, as light rain fell through most of the afternoon, to 8.0C by 18 GMT (Armagh 15.0C Milford Haven 10.4C, Lake Vyrnwy 5.9C, Braemar -6.0C Mona 2.1C, Middle Wallop 23.6 mm Tredegar 19.8 mm, Stornoway 13.4h Valley 0.0h) [Max 10.6C Min 5.6C Rain 4.8 mm]. The 29th began bright and sunny, but by 0900 GMT the sky had clouded over, the mountaintops were obscured although visibility under the cloud was very good. Pressure 998 mb was falling quickly with low 987 mb W of Ireland tracking towards the Isle of Man. An occlusion was over the Celtic Sea while low 1003 mb was over the southern N Sea with an associated warm front over Anglesey. There was slight rain at first then some sunshine before a spell of rain before noon. Later the sky cleared as the wind strengthened and there was some more rain around 21 GMT ceasing before midnight. Rainfall of 7.8 mm was the largest of the month () [Max 12.4C Min 5.6C Rain 7.8 mm]. It had been cold enough overnight for snow to fall on the mountaintops of Snowdonia, but at 0900 GMT on the 30th with 8 oktas cloud cover the summits were hidden from view. Pressure was 998 mb with the low 986 mb centred near the Isle of Man. The jetstream is now re-established to the S of the UK over France and N Spain and we have more unsettled cooler northern weather to end the month. The airflow today was from polar regions of the NW Norwegian Sea past Iceland. The temperature was 6.8C the lowest since the 1st of the month, rising to only 8.5C at 1540 GMT making this the coldest day of the month, but the maximum of 9.3C was just before 0900 GMT tomorrow the 1st of May which by convention is credited to the 30th April. There was slight showery rain and the garden was looking all the better for it the plants looking much fresher. Showers continued to affect the W and N while to the E there were sunny intervals before showers developed there too. In the evening a heavy shower of 5 mm hail was reported in Wilmslow (Kinlochewe 16.0C Cardiff 13.3C, Shap 0.9C Sennybridge 3.8C, Capel Curig 33.8 mm, Manston 8.9h St Athan 4.7h Valley 0.1h) Max 9.3C Min 5.3C Rain 2.8 mm].

    A sunny and warm month. Temperatures above averages, the mean highest since 2011 was 11.1C (+1.9) & [+2.2] ranked 3rd in station records since 1979. The rainfall total of 25.1 mm, close to the averages (47%) & [40%], least since 2010 ranked 9th in Llansadwrn records back to 1928.

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    May 2018

    #StayingAtHome #lockdown

    May 1 - fine and sunny, but the 9.1C at 0900 GMT was feeling fresh in the air flow from the Greenland Sea. Pressure 998 mb was rising with a complex low-pressure system 989 mb off Wick 991 mb North Sea having an occlusion over Cumbria and W Scotland at 06 GMT, the North Sea low was 993 mb at 0900 GMT moving towards the Baltic. Ozone concentrations were down this morning level 2 at Marchlyn Mawr the same as Cardiff City centre and Port Talbot (source: Air Quality Wales).

    View of the Carneddau Mountains, Wales in #lockdown revealing a little snow.

    Mostly sunny in the afternoon the cloud lifting to reveal a little snow left on the tops of the Carneddau and Snowdon, there were a few widely spaced showers around, we caught one of rain at 1930 GMT (Edinburgh Botanic Gardens 16.1C Usk 15.1C, Katesbridge -2.1C Lake Vyrnwy 4.0C, Myerscough 12.0 mm Llysdinam 6.2 mm, St Athan 11.4h Valley 8.3h) [Max 13.7C Min 5.7C Rain 0.3 mm]. Frequent snow patches left after recent snowfall.Fine and sunny on the 2nd with pressure 1011 mb rising. Low 1001 mb was on the move off Aberdeen over the North Sea heading for S Sweden. We still had a cleaner fresh Polar air flow, there were showers affecting the western fringe, but they kept away from here. Sunny and feeling warmer in the afternoon Kew Gardens 18.0C Usk 16.7C, Katesbridge -0.4C Usk 1.5C, Scarborough 4.8 mm Cardiff 3.2 mm, Prestwick 13.9h Valley 10.9h() [Max 14.3C Min 3.9C Rain nil]. On the 3rd there were bands of decaying frontal cloud across Wales to Kent. A little sunshine early in the day before becoming mostly cloudy by 0900 GMT, visibility was excellent. Possible moss carder bee on comfrey in our Garden at Gadlys.There was a more active system 1008 mb off SW Ireland with a front over the Severn estuary, Scotland and NE England also had some cloud. Pressure here 1016 mb was rising and the day became brighter, sunnier and warmer by afternoon. There were several bumble bees on the flowers and particularly attractive was a bed of comfrey. Several possible moss carder bees Bombus muscorum with ginger-coloured thorax were feeding. There was one red-tailed bumble bee, but I did not manage to get a photo. There was a fair amount of traffic in both directions past the weather station, the Britannia Bridge, however, was deserted (Carlisle 17.7C Hawarden 17.2C, Kinbrace -6.6C, Pateley Bridge 14.6 mm St Athan 2.6 mm, Morecambe 13.8h Valley 8.2h) [Max 15.6C Min 6.2C Rain nil]. A fine morning on the 4th after a mostly clear night the 3 oktas cumulus cover reducing at 0900 GMT. Pressure 1021 mb was steady with high 1027 mb S Iceland to NW Scotland. Frontal cloud associated with low 992 mb W FitzRoy was affecting southern Britain. Cloud was also affecting coastal areas NE England and there was early mist in central England. The best sunshine and highest temperatures were here (Porthmadog 20.1C, Kinbrace -3.0C Capel Curig -0.4C, Aviemore 8.2 mm Tiree 14.3h Valley 14.1h hours) [Max 16.1C Min 4.9C Rain nil]. Another almost cloudless morning on the 5th, but the was a stiff E'ly breeze stirring the trees. Visibility was very good and it was 10.7C and 68% RH. Sunny. Jets from RAF Valley were around and occasionally fly over the weather station, and I could here the buzzing of the Texan T1 advanced turboprop trainers, currently fling over the SW corner of the island, used to prepare pilots for Advanced Flying Training on the Hawk T2 jets (Porthmadog 18.6C, Kinbrace -3.9C, Culdrose 33.6 mm, Dundrennan 14.3h Aberdaron 14.3h Valley 13.5h hours) [Max 16.1C Min 6.9C Rain nil].

    I tried to find a bit of cloud somewhere in the sky on the 6th, but there was none. It was sunny and dry, all surfaces that I record, very good visibility and it felt a little warmer, the 14.2C at 0900 GMT very pleasant indeed. With pressure 1015 mb would rise and we were within UK high 1028 mb centred near Newcastle.Asphodelus alba in flower in our garden at Gadlys.Sunny except for Cornwall that was under an occlusion over the Celtic Sea. The attractive white Asphodel Asphodelus alba is flowering in our garden (left). A native of southern Europe from Spain to Greece. It's hardy, we have seen at altitude in the Pyrenees as well. Worked on the veg plot to get it ready for planting out lettuces raised in modules. Enjoyed a cool beer afterwards () [Max 18.8C Min 5.2C Rain nil]. On the 7th pressure 1021 mb was falling as low 998 mb over the Atlantic SW of Ireland had frontal cloud affecting the western fringe, 7 oktas cover recorded, visibility very good. There was a shower trough over the Severn and Pembrokeshire. A temporary S'ly air flow meant we had warmer conditions with 16.4C at 0900 GMT. Ozone was on level 4 here and level 2 in Cardiff. The sky had cleared by nightfall and the near super moon, last of the year, was up over the mountains at midnight, a sea fog had encroached and this resulted in an eerie glow () [Max 20.7C Min 8.4C Pptn trace]. The 8th was the 75th anniversary of the ending of World War II. Both of us were old enough to remember the events of the day with prime minister Winston Churchill broadcasting to the nation at 3 pm, and an address by King George at 8 pm in the evening. It has been weird seeing these old films broadcast on television today as. We did not have television in those days, we never saw them, it was radio then and of course broadsheet newspapers, the latest editions having very large banner headlines, THE WAR HAS ENDED. We took part in Street Parties, not on the 8th that was a Tuesday a working and school day, but on a later date when when the best spread that could be produced with wartime rations was put on the tables in the middle of the road. ITweet about 75th anniversary of VEDay ...It seems that there were some nice looking jam tarts at the one I was at in Sketty, Swansea, South Wales. My wife all dressed up, in clothes made by her mother, was in Hove, Sussex. A bright morning with thinning cumulus clouds and high cirrus, the fog had cleared and visibility was good; grass was wet with dew and fog deposition with a trace on the raingauge funnels. A little more cloud around noon then clearing giving a mostly sunny end to the day (Kew Gardens 24.5C, Katesbridge 3.4C, Drumnadrochit 20.2 mm, Bournemouth 13.4h Bala 11.5h Valley 10.9h) [Max 20.7C Min 9.7C Rain nil].

    The 9th dawned bright and with a light NE'ly breeze soon warmed up when the sun had risen enough above the mountains and our local tall trees. At 0900 GMT it was 17.1C, a shirt sleeves morning for the obs, very pleasant. Pressure was on 1014 mb we were in a slack area of low pressure 1013 mb Western Isles, between highs 1032 mb N Greenland and 1020 mb E Med. Some cloud was lying far to the north-west. Pink Rhododendron starting to bloom in our Garden at Gadlys.Mostly sunny through the day, some cumulus clouds developed in the afternoon S of the Snowdonia Mountains and were towering for a while. Thunderstorms developed in S Wales and localised flash flooding affected streets and property in Carmarthen and Gorseinon, moving north-eastward missing N Wales. We held our street party complete with jam tarts #StayingAtHome in the sunny afternoon joining family and friend on Zoom doing the same at Newcastle, Llanfairfechan, Wilmslow, Salford, Ramsgate and Ashdown in Kent. The weather station communications hub stood up to the pressure despite the still dodgy land-line broadband here. Rather warm in the south, but we had the most sunshine (Northolt 24.9C Cardiff 24.6C, Shap 2.0C Capel Curig 4.6C, Keele 19.8 mm Llysdinam 5.6 mm, Valley 14.4d) {Max 21.4C Min 9.8C Rain nil]. A fine and bright morning though fairly cloudy morning on the 10th as altocumulus and cirrus clouds increased. We had an opening in the cloud cover overhead the station in a strong NE'ly wind the airflow coming from the Svarlbard region. The temperature 11.5C rose to 12.4C at 0923 GMT, from then it was colder. Gusty winds in places Warcop 47 mph, St Bees 43 mph and Donna Nook 40 mph. Becoming overcast by afternoon with spots of rain that just about wetted the ground about 15 GMT. Blue Iris and Asphodelus alba in bloom in our Garden at Gadlys.Gorwel Heights in Llanfairfechan recorded 0.6 mm (Plymouth 23.0C Milford Haven 21.0C, Fair Isle 4.9C Lake Vyrnwy 9.6C, Lerwick -1.6 C, Coningsby 10.4 mm S Athan 0.2 mm, Tiree 13.7h Aberporth 8.0h Valley 4.7h) [Max 12.4C Min 8.8C Rain trace]. The breeze had strengthened overnight, and on the morning of the 11th it was a force 5, the ground was strewn with leaves blown off the sycamore trees. With airflow from the Svarlbard region it was feeling cold too, the temperature at 0900 GMT 6.8C up from a minimum of 4.2C with a 3C wind chill. On Snowdon a temperature of -2C and a -11C wind chill could be expected. Pressure 1026 mb was rising with high 1036 mb just S of Iceland. A cold front was working it's way south over Scotland where it was wintry with snow showers. There was a low 996 mb over central France with a cold front over Brittany. There was an occlusion over SW France, a red alert for heavy rain had been issued for the region and about 12 cm of snow had fallen on the Pyrenees. There were strong winds in East Anglia and Thanet, Langdon Bay gusting 52 mph and Manston 41 mph. 'Ne'er cast a clout till May be out' is an old proverb, clout meaning clothes. The earliest citation is this version of the rhyme from Dr. Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732, although it probably existed in word-of-mouth before then. Good advice as I have had to return to winter clothes after changing to shorts and tee-shirt (Bournemouth 14.2C Pembrey Sands 13.5C, Fylingdales 7.2C Capel Curig 7.9C, Tulloch Bridge -5.2C Bala -0.6C, Resallach 2.6 mm, Dundrennan 14.7h Aberdaron 14.5h Valley 13.9h) {Max 10.4C Min 4.2C Rain nil].

    A chilly night with some clear sky there was slight white frost on the fields at dawn on the 12th, the grass minimum read -2.7C, no airfrost here the minimum 2.0C, but Mona airfield recorded -1.3C. Tweet about our garden flowers ...Mostly cloudy at 0900 GMT and light breezes SE'ly here, but generally NW'ly, visibility was very good. Pressure 1023 mb was falling, high 1032 mb SE Greenland ridge towards Shannon and lows 1007 mb N Italy and Iberia. With a cold front over the Scottish borders there were a few showers in the west. Fine, dull and cool, The road was fairly quiet only 2 cars in 30 minutes. The afternoon turned out sunny and with lighter breezes more pleasant. Potting on tomato plants for planting on veg plot in June when weather is hopefully warmer (St James Park 16.3C Usk 15.2C, Sennybridge -4.7C Mona -1.3C, Fair Isle 8.8 mm, Bude 14.3h Aberdaron 12.2h Valley 8.8h) [Max 12.2C Min 2.0C Rain trace]. The 13th began very fine after a minor cold front passed southwards, now sunny with lines of cumulus clouds over the Snowdonia Mountains. The band of cloud was now lying over the SW across to the Thames estuary with cleaner air from the S of Iceland today visibility was excellent. There was a spot of precipitation in the raingauge bottle and a significant deposition of dust on collecting surfaces. There may have been some Saharan dust mixed with local dusts. Quiet apart from an RAF Texan aircraft from Valley somewhere in the skies over Anglesey. Pressure was on 1020 mb with high 1028 mb S Iceland. Today potting up chrysanthemum cuttings that had rooted around the edge of 3 in clay pots using 50/50% mixture of loam and vermiculite. Clay pots are essential, cuttings don't root well in plastic pots. Did my 1 mile #lockdown walk around the garden and wood, some bluebells have faded where the canopy is densest, there was still a good show at the 'far end' where less leaves have emerged. The garlic is still good with masses of flowers. The best weather today in NW Wales (Porthmadog 15.0C, Tulloch Bridge -5.0C Sennybridge -2.3C, Killylane 2.4 mm Rhyl 1.6 mm, Valley 13.5h) [Max 11.2C Min 4.7C Rain nil]. A fine day on the 14th beginning with broken cloud and light cool airs mainly from the nor'east. There were some cumulus clouds increasing and hardly moving across the sky. Pressure steady on 1026 mb within the Atlantic high 1028 mb off Malin Head drifting northwards. A warm front over Scotland associated with low 1012 mb Norwegian Sea gave some showers in the Highlands. Took cuttings of late flowering varieties of white chrysanthemums and did my mile #lockdown walk. A clearing sky in the afternoon and clear evening (Leeming 16.7C Llysdinam , Fair Isle 9.2C Aberporth 10.9C, Katesbridge -6.1C, Loch Glascarnoch 4.2 mm, Aberdaron 15.0, Valley 14.3h) {Max 12.8C Min 2.3C Rain nil]. A mostly cloudy morning on the 15th, but under the cloud visibility was very good. There was a cool nor'eastly making the 10.7C feel chilly. Pressure was steady on 1026 mb with Atlantic-low 1030 mb off SW Ireland. The cloud was due to a remnant warm front no going anywhere at all along the western fringe, so the day was dull and sunless here. Sunny in southern Britain and the north-east. Planted out 2 rows of lettuce raised in modules and hoping with the dry weather the slugs will keep away. Watered in and protected with wire netting to keep off pheasants (male with 3 females in tow) and rabbits the latter not seen this year, yet. Not nice enough for my cup of tea in the garden this afternoon (Heathrow 19.6C Cardiff 16.9C, Santon Downham -3.4C Sennybridge -2.5C, Altnaharra 5.2 mm, Shoeburyness 14.9h St Athan 13.9C Valley 0.4h) [Max 12.9C Min 4.9C Rain nil].

    Temperatures have been below average during the first 15-days of the month and very dry with rainfall of just 0.3 mm. The mean temperature 10.5C (-1.1) & [-1.2] less than in April. No air frosts, there had been 3 ground frosts.

    A much nicer day on the 16th beginning with scattered cumulus and high cirrus clouds. Visibility continues very good and all surfaces were dry, except the lysimeter that was wet with guttation droplets. AWS temperature and pressure record for pasr 28-days.Fine and sunny in fact better than the forecasts had indicated, I'm not complaining. In the sun it felt warm the 12.9C at 0900 GMT rising to 15.9C in the afternoon. At Gorwel Heights a temperature of 17.1C was recorded. Pressure was 1025 mb in a ridge from Brest high 1028 mb stretching towards the Irish Sea. Not so lucky in Scotland where a cold front associated with low 982 mb Norwegian Sea was delivering showers. The south-west Channel coast of England was also cloudy. The temperature record indicates the sawtooth pattern we have experienced for the past 28-days. The pressure record shows the deep 987 mb low that upset the apple cart at the end of April. Replanted a nice red-stemmed spring flowering Drimys (poss. Tasmanian D. lanceolata) that had been hospitalised. One has grown well now 6 ft tall on our slightly acid soil the other did not. Dug up it was trying to grow in brick waste contaminated soil, so repotted in clean soil, and it has recovered although only 1 ft tall. Also started preparing ground for sweetpeas raised in pots. I thought it so nice in the sun in the late afternoon that I fired up the barbecue and cooked steaks, could not persuade the head gardener to eat out in the garden, the then 12C not yet warm enough it seems (Pershore 19.2C Usk 17.6C, Baltasound 5.7C Aberporth 13.2C, S Newington 1.1C, Achnagart 6.6 mm, Camborne 11.6h Valley 10.3h) [Max 15.9C Min 7.4C Rain nil].

    Very fine and sunny on the 17th and with slight haze good visibility. Pressure 1023 mb was falling slowly with high Brest and lows 998 mb Norwegian Sea and 991 mb S of Greenland. Frontal cloud over N and NW Scotland with some rain. Here fairly breezy with cumulus and cirrus clouds, warm in the sun kept dry (Holbeach 21.1C Hawarden 18.9C, Kirkwall 8.6C Capel Curig 13.4C, South Newington 1.3C, Dunstaffnage 15.4 mm, Tibenham 12.8h Aberporth 3.8h) [Max 16.3C Min 8.6C Rain 0.3 mm]. The 18th was a very dull day under thick cloud at 0900 GMT solar radiation was was just 120W, a far cry from recent mornings,also thick enough for slight rain and drizzle with 0.3 mm measured. Recorded the ground as wet this morning, the first time in 15 days. A patch of showery rain was slow-moving over Anglesey. Showers also NW Britain although the SE was sunny. Light showers in the morning. It was 33C in Greece; overnight minimum of 10.1C around 03 GMT, 10.9C at 0900 GMT rising to 11.8C at 1826 GMT. Total rainfall here this month 3.0 mm, so far (Cavendish 24.6C Usk 19.1C, Lerwick 7.9C Capel Curig 10.9C, Baltasound -1.0C Libanus 7.2C, Achnagart 24.8 mm Capel Curig 5.2 mm, Exeter 13.3h St Athan 8.8h Valley 0.0h) [Max 12.0C Min 10.1C Rain 2.4 mm]. A dull breezy morning on the 19th after some light showers in the night. Recorded the ground as wet again this morning and despite the rain there were still cracks in the surface. The temperature had been 12.0C at 0833 GMT, the highest of the past 24h. Pressure 1023 mb was rising , the high 1027 mb over Brittany was diminishing. Low 995 mb S of Iceland had a frontal triple point over Scotland. Slowly a little less dull, no more rain, and by afternoon some sunny spells developing. Up to 8 May there have been 174 cases of COVID-19 recorded in Anglesey and 12 attributed deaths (St James Park 26.2C Usk 23.1C, Altnaharra 1.8C, Blencathra 19.0 mm Capel Curig 1.0 mm, Wellesbourne 13.4h Aberporth 13.0h Valley 3.6h) [Max 16.3C Min 10.6C Grass 10.2C Rain nil].

    The 20th began very fine, sunny and warm. Tweet about our garden Mediterranean Cistus collection ...There had been a slight dew formation the temperature on the grass down to 3.8C, there was heavy guttation on the lysimeter grass. Tweet about wilting sycamore trees and the drop of rain ...Cirrus clouds 3 oktas and visibility very good and clear. Conditions remain very dry, the cores off soil sampled today looked very dry, some powdery. Soil moisture was 24.8% dm under grass and on the met plot 13.5% below the permanent wilting point for the local soil type. In the afternoon the leaves of mature sycamore, wild cherry and horse chestnut were wilting. Native beech and ash seemed unaffected. There was a Föhn breeze late in the afternoon the relative humidity falling to 43% and the temperature in the Stevenson screen reading 21.9C at 1600 GMT. A pleasant evening, fired up the BBQ. Hot weather in the south (Santon Downham 28.2C Llysdinam 25.2C, Baltasound 9.8C Aberdaron 17.3C, Shap 4.2C, Dunstaffnage 1.6 mm Tredegar 0.2 mm, Morecambe 15.1h Hawarden 14.3h Valley 13.8h) [Max 21.7C Min 8.4C Grass 3.8G Rain 3.1 mm]. Meteosat MSG image (c) EUMETSAT at 12 GMT on 21 May 2020, courtesy of Ferdinand Valk.A mostly cloudy sky after recent showery rain on the morning of the 21st with sunny spells developing. Pressure 1021 mb was rising as low 967 mb tracked northwards west of Ireland, a cold front over the Irish sea at 06 GMT had moved eastward. The unseasonably low depression was an unwelcome sight at this time of year, although we could do with some rain to slake the parched soil. Derek Brockway BBC Wales weatherman.It was fine and sunny in SE England, hot in Ramsgate, here on the western fringe were some showers while there were more active showers over East Anglia with sferics observed. Fine and sunny in the afternoon. Derek Brockway the BBC Wales Weatherman featured the low 6 mm of rainfall in Llansadwrn this month to yesterday, compared with the average of 62 mm, in the 6.30 pm news bulletin (Manston 27.8C Usk 23.8C, Eskdalemuir 1.4C, Stornoway 7.4 mm Mona 2.2 mm, Reading University 11.8h Aberdaron 8.5h Valley 7.0h) [Max 19.1C Min 11.2C Rain 5.8 mm]. After midnight on the 22nd there was a spell of moderate to heavy rain that added 5.8 mm to the month's total that now stands at 11.9 mm, still a very low total for May and well below the average. A very windy day blowing strong to gale force, a gardener's gale to boot, we had tied up what plants we could on the forecast and in fact damage was minimal, the most damage were the green leaves and twigs broken off the trees that were strewn on the ground. Valley reported gales at 12 and 13 GMT and gusts up to 52 mph, we had 42 mph here and at Gorwel Heights in Llanfairfechan. Used a hard-hat to go out to do the obs at 0900 GMT, not pleasant, a lot of debris flying around and the woods were out of bounds. There was a very rough sea at Rhosneiger and there were waves generated on Llyn Tegid, Bala. Gusts of 60/70 mph were recorded in parts of coastal western Ireland. The temperature had reached 19.1C at 1353 GMT then fell to a low of 13.2C at 1800 GMT before rising again a SSE'ly Föhn-enhanced to 19.2C (screen) at 2230 GMT with relative humidity down to 41%. The day's minimum was at 0448 GMT next morning. In all an interesting day's weather (Heathrow 23.2C Cardiff 18.7C, Kinbrace 6.3C, Achnagart 73.4 mm Capel Curig 12.8C, Aberdaron 13.8h Valley 12.6h) [Max 19.2C Min 11.2C Rain 5.8 mm].

    A very windy morning on the 23rd the SW'ly force 5/6, but fine and mostly sunny. Pressure 1015 mb was rising with low 976 N of Scotland, pressure was high near Cap Finisterre 1032 mb. There were scattered showers in the north and also south Midlands. Here blustery sunny spells and a slight shower in the afternoon (Weybourne 20.1C Bodelwyddan 16.6C, Dalwhinnie 4.9C, Achnagart 68.2 mm Lake Vyrnwy 11.6 mm, Reading University 11.4h St Athan 10.1h Valley 7.0h) [Max 14.9C Min 9.9C Rain trace]. Fine, but dull on the morning of the 24th, moderate visibility and quite hazy. Very dry, a bit breezy and as a result feeling chilly although 13.1C at 0900 GMT. The afternoon was brighter with some sunshine and the temperature rose to 17.4C. Sowed runner beans (Moonlight) in pots in the greenhouse, made sure they were in the propagating frame so that the mice did not find them. We have woodmice permanently in and out of the greenhouse and they love seeds. Small bumblebees were attracted to this very small flowered figwort in the garden.The broad beans on the vegetable plot have a good lot of flowers and the bumblebees are taking some interest in them. A number of small bumblebees were attracted to a very small flowered figwort (left) growing in the garden and ignoring the broad beans. Had family Zoom meeting everyone except one NHS keyworker in #lockdown (Teddington 23.5C Usk 20.5C, Aviemore 7.1C, Keswick 8.8 mm, Almondsbury 12.3h Aberporth 12.0h Valley 6.7h) [Max 17.4C Min 10.9C Rain nil]. . Very fine on the 25th, continuing the dry spell all monitored surfaces dry. Just one or two cumuli seen at 0900 GMT, very good clear visibility, breezy and sunny, high solar radiation 1009 W m -2 for this time in the morning. Pressure was steady on 1034 mb with the high 1035 mb centred over Somerset. Isobars were tight over N Scotland with low pressure 983 mb SE Greenland and SW Iceland, breezy in the NW and sunny almost everywhere. The maximum at Gorwel Heights today was 21.2C (Teddington 26.6C Cardiff 23.1C, Aboyne 0.0C Swyddffynnon 0.4C, Harris Quidnish 2.6 mm, Shawbury 15.0h St Athan 14.8h Valley 12.3) [Max 17.6C Min 8.4 Grass 2.0C Rain trace].

    It was a rather murky morning on the 26th with poor visibility, moderate haze with fog reported in places including Aberporth. The sky was overcast with altostratus cloud and the grass damp, there was a drop of precipitation in the raingauge bottle. Pollution levels were low, there was a patch of Saharan dust over Britain (SKIRON Model University of Athens) and there was a dusty deposition likely a mixture of local and Saharan dusts. Pressure was high 1037 mb over the Scilly Isles, and here 1037 mb rising, a plume of warmer air was encroaching southern Britain where hot and sunny. There has been a complete absence of house martins and swallows here, numbers seen had decreased last year. Heavy losses have been reported on migration routes this year. Climatic changes in the swallows' African winter quarters and on migration routes may be having a serious impact. Research has shown that swallows are returning to their breeding areas in poor condition and are laying fewer eggs than previously. Independent of weather-related fluctuations, there have been widespread declines in swallow numbers across Europe since 1970 (Kew Gardens 26.9C Usk 23.8C, Tulloch Bridge 4.0C, Tyndrum 1.6 mm Gogerddan 0.2 mm, Exeter 14.6h St Athan 14.1h Valley 5.6h) [Max 17.6C Min 11.2C Grass 7.9C Rain nil]. Very fine and sunny on the 27th, very dry conditions with no sign of rain any time soon. Warm, 16.7C at 0900 GMT rising to 21.7C in the afternoon. Pressure steady on a high 1038 mb centred on Malin Head (1039 mb at midnight) covering a large area of Europe and north Africa. Cloudy to the N of here, but cloudless skies over much of eastern Europe, France and Iberia. Planted out sweet peas grown in pots in the greenhouse and potted up chrysanthemum cuttings (Heathrow 26.3C Usk 25.3C, Shap 1.0C Capel Curig 3.4C, Stornoway 2.4 mm Wales nil, Nottingham 14.7h St Athan 14.2h Valley 13.4h) [Max 21.7C Min 7.9C Grass 3.7C Rain nil].

    Herbaceous border in our garden at Gadlys.


    White French rock rose flowering well in our Garden at Gadlys.It was much of the same on the 28th, very fine, warm and sunny, ideal for a trip out, walking, perhaps the beach. All of this unlawful due to coronavirus #lockdown, we are missing recording the plants appearing at the botanical sites we usually visit #StayingAtHome. High 1037 mb now over the North sea dominating the weather, pressure here 1033 mb. A few clouds mostly cirrus and contra, just one or two contrails from jets passing overhead on route B1 probably transports from North America. The temperature at 0900 GMT 21.7C 59% RH, and dry dry dry. Did 5 laps of the garden and wood today keeping up my 1 mile a day effort to keep fit. The scented deciduous Azalea and Halimocistus sahuccii French rock rose, a dense, low-growing dwarf evergreen shrub with narrow, dark green leaves and pure white flowers 2.5 cm in width, with yellow stamens, gave much pleasure each time I passed by (Leuchars 25.7C Trawsgoed 25.5C, Ravensworth 2.3C, Resallach 17.8 mm Wales nil, Weybourne 15.1h Aberdaron 14.8h Valley 13.9h) [Max 23.2C Min 11.7C Rain nil]. Thrush taking a drink from an old pig trough in our Garden at Gadlys.The 29th began very warm and sunny with excellent visibility, with a few high cirrus clouds. The temperature at 0900 GMT was 21.9C with an RH of 47%. The exceptional dry conditions continue comparable with Greece that currently has similar temperatures. Pressure was high 1033 mb over the eastern North Sea and here 1027 mb. Helped by a warm plume of air from the region of the Canary Islands and Western Sahara the temperature here reached 25.3C at 1340 GMT. Sunny and warm on the western fringe today (Kinlochewe 28.0C Gogerddan 26.1C, Lerwick 11.3C Libanus 21.2C, Santon Downham 2.9C Usk 5.9C, East Malling 0.2 mm, Morecambe 15.5h Aberdaron 15.1h Valley 14.5h) [Max 25.3C Min 12.8C Rain nil]. Very fine and warm again on the 30th the temperature 20.7C RH 55% at 0900 GMT, one could get used to this weather. Pressure was on 1923 mb with high 1036 mb central Norway. Clean airflow from Arctic regions of Svarlbard, North Cape and the Baltic ensured excellent visibility. Sunny everywhere the temperature in Altnaharra, Scotland currently was 24C while in Manston, Thanet it was 18C.Thrush taking a bath in old pig trough in our Garden at Gadlys. The temperature here rose to 25.4C at 1533 GMT, the highest of the month (Kinlochewe 27.5C Porthmadog 26.2C, Fair Isle 12.3C Lake Vyrnwy 20.8C, S Newington 2.6C Sennybridge 4.8C, Thorney Island & Valley Trace, Morecambe 15.7h Aberdaron 15.2h Valley 15.1h) [Max 25.4C Min 12.5C Rain nil]. After a mild night air minimum 13.9C it was a cloudless morning on the 31st, very fine, but a little cooler the temperature at 0900 GMT was 17.5C RH 65%. Visibility was very good with slight smoke haze. High 1035 was little changed over Norway and here pressure was steady on 1023 mb. Very dry conditions, some brown patches were developing on grassy area, some mature trees were showing signs of wilting and roadside verges looked more like the Autosoleil in the S of France. Sunny with the UK almost cloudfree everywhere. Hot in Porthmadog 28.0C, cooler Llanfairfechan 22.7C. There were thunder storms in Morocco, NW Spain and the eastern Mediterranean (Porthmadog 28.0C, Fair Isle 13.2C Lake Vyrnwy 21.4C, Braemar -1.3C, Insignificant rain, Kirkwall 16.6 Aberdaron 14.9h Valley 14.4h) [Max 22.6C Min 13.9C Rain nil].


    A sunny, warm and very dry month. The rainfall total of 11.9 mm, (17%) & [19%], was least on record in May in Llansadwrn records back to 1928. Sunshine at RAF Valley was most in May in Anglesey records back to 1931. Temperatures above averages, the mean highest since 2017 was 12.7C (+1.1) & [+0.9] ranked 7th in station records since 1979..

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    June 2020

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    June 1 - a very fine and warm day, cloudless sky very clear visibility, a continuation of the remarkably fine weather of May, but I expect we will pay for it soon, the forecast charts don't look promising from midweek. Pressure was on 1025 mb with high 1033 mb S Norway. Sunny and warm out of the NE'ly breeze. The temperature at 0900 GMT was 18.0C with 59% RH excellent for drying the washing and getting on with those jobs in the garden (Porthmadog 27.6C Aboyne 1.1C High Mowthorpe 0.2 mm Waddington 15.6h Aberdaron & Valley 15.5h ) [Max 21.1C Min 12.3C Rain nil]. Just a little cloud on the morning of the 2nd, low hiding behind the Snowdonia Mountains to the south. Warm again 20.4C at 0900 GMT and continuing warm, rising to 23.9C was very pleasant in the garden. We keep susceptible plants watered and where necessary on the vegetable pots. Leaves on mature woodland trees show a little wilting in the drying breeze. We could do with a drop of rain, but not the end of the summer. Pressure 1022 mb with low 1020 mb S Iceland and a cold front over N Scotland associated with low 1001 mb Svarlbard, expected to move south. Made the most of the lovely summer day, the last for a while Gosport 26.9C Ravensworth 2.9C Strathallan 13.4 mm Bournemouth 14.6h St Athan 14.1h Valley 12.1h() [Max 23.9C Min 11.9C Rain 2.8 mm]. Well we had the drop of rain after midnight on the 3rd that by the morning had accumulated just 2.8 mm measured in the raingauge at 0900 GMT. A change in the weather with colder air introduced from the north overcast sky with a frontal system over Anglesey. A dust deposition, local plus some Saharan dust was possible, being cleared away south-eastwards during the day. Poor conditions prevented any outside work, a clearance from 5 pm brought a little sunshine to end the day. The maximum 12.1C was lowest of the month (Cavendish 20.9C Whitechurch 16.8C, Altnaharra 4.9C, Shap 19.2 mm Hawarden 18.6 mm, Magilligan 11.5h Valley 4.3h) [Max 12.1C Min 11.3C Rain 2.9 mm]. Overcast sky again on the morning of the 4th with a slight shower of rain at 0900 GMT. Pressure was on 1007 mb with complex lows 996 mb Netherlands and frontal-wave 999 mb SW Norway. A cold front was clearing over the Dover Strait into France. Pressure was high 1030 mb over the Atlantic to the W of Ireland. Dull all day, sunless here (Murlough 18.6C Cardiff 16.7C, Aboyne 1.3C Sennybridge 2.4C, Drumalbin 17.0 mm Sennybridge 3.0 mm, Kirkwall 6.1h St Athan 1.9h) [Max 15.4C Min 8.7C Rain trace], A bright start to the 5th with broken cumulus clouds (7 oktas cover) solar radiation was 809 W m -2 much being reflected back by the clouds. The temperature was 11.4C (RH 70%), pressure steady on 999 mb with low 984 mb over the Norwegian Sea. There was a cold front over the English Channel and here a cold NNW'ly breeze. Sunny spells in the afternoon, solar radiation brightness reached 1116 W m -2 at 1300 GMT with the cumulus clouds persisting (Bournemouth 19.2C Cardiff 17.7C, Redesdale 2.0C, Hull 24.4 mm Sennybridge 9.8 mm, Shobdon 11.7h Valley 10.4h) [Max 15.2C Min 7.7C Grass 3.8C Rain 0.4 mm].

    A colder and wet breezy day on the 6th with poor to moderate visibility in slight drizzle. Pressure on 998 mb was slowly rising with low 982 mb over the North Sea off Tynemouth. There was a frontal-wave triple point over Morecambe Bay. Pretty windy elsewhere with gusts of 52 mph reported at Loftus, 45 mph at Malin Head and 43 at Aberporth. Brighter and drier in the late afternoon (Pershore 19.3C Hawarden 16.0C, Libanus 3.8C, Drumnadrochit 42.6 mm Capel Curig 30.4 mm, Hawarden 8.9h Valley 1.0h) [Max 13.9C Min 7.0C Grass 2.8C Rain 0.9 mm]. Pressure 1010 mb was rising on the 7th with filling low 997 mb southern North Sea near the Netherlands coast. Overcast with spots of rain and drizzle and moderate to good visibility. The morning became dry by 10 GMT and the afternoon was bright with spells of sunshine developing later as the sky cleared. There was a bright moon seen over the mountains just before midnight (Wiggonholt 20.5C Usk 20.3C, Shobdon & Usk 3.4C, Fylingdales 16.4 mm Cardiff 3.4 mm, Prestwick 10.6h St Athan 8.0h Valley 6.3h) [Max 16.1C Min 9.6C Grass 8.7C Rain trace]. Cool overnight under clear sky with a minimum 6.2C and 1.8C on the grass. Fleabane Erigeron glaucus growing on the rockery bank in our Garden at Gadlys.A mostly cloudy morning on the 8th, but with the sky clearing it was fine and becoming brighter with weak sunshine. Visibility was good with moderate haze. A mostly sunny afternoon and a dry day (Hereford 20.0C Cardiff 19.5C, Tulloch Bridge -1.9C, Cardinham 17.4 mm Usk 9.2 mm, Stornoway 15.1h Aberdaron 14.7h) [Max 16.8C Min 5.9C Grass 1.8C Rain nil]. It was fine but fairly dull on the morning of the 9th with good, hazy visibility. There was weak sunshine at 0915 GMT the sun not breaking through. Pressure was steady on 1021 mb with high 1022 mb over the North Sea off the Lincolnshire coast. Low 1001 mb SW Iceland had frontal cloud off NW Ireland and Scotland. Had to put water on our Crinodendron hookerianum tree, known as the Chilean lantern tree, an evergreen tree with leathery, dark green leaves of the family Elaeocarpaceae. It is endemic to Chile, where it occurs from Cautin to Palena. It grows near streams and in very humid and shady places. Our 15 ft tall branched tree is full of crimson lanterns about 1 inch long in leaf axils, but suffering somewhat this year due to the dry weather. Normally there is enough rain and humidity in northwest Wales for it to grow happily so I felt a helping hand with hose pipe was necessary. A sunny and dry afternoon (Wisley 20.8C Cardiff 20.0C, Redesdale -0.5C Swyddffynnon 0.9C, Lough Fea 7.2 mm, Lerwick 15.9h St Athan 10.6h) [Max 15.2C Min 6.9C Rain 0.3 mm].

    A recent light shower of rain on the 10th did not wet the soil surface, but dampened the concrete and grass. Signs of the mostly cloudy sky opening up with a little brightness, then thickening and closing again. Pressure 1014 mb was falling with a low closeby over the North Channel at 0900 GMT. Occlusion cloud over the Irish Sea and a lot of rain at Mumbles near Swansea. There was high-pressure N of the Azores 1033 mb and Norwegian Sea 1027 m b. Little in the way of any sunshine, more at Tiree island not far to the north-west of Anglesey. Showery rain in the evening (Manston 17.5C Porthmadog 16.8C, Castlederg 5.6C, Mumbles Head 49.0 mm, Tiree 5.6h Valley 2.0h) [Max 16.6C Min 10.1C Rain 4.0 mm]. AWS temperature and solar radiation record for the 11 June 2020.Having remarked previously (26 May) about the absence of housemartins this year a group of about 20 was spotted on the 11th in the sheltered corner of the field adjacent to the weather station. There was a stiff NE'ly breeze strengthening through the day and the birds were in the sheltered working low over the cattle grazed pasture. They were flying towards the house and inspecting the eaves. They were joined by more later in the day. No swallows though, one was seen in the village on the 10th. Overcast and very dull although pressure 1017 mb was rising with a low 995 mb over Brittany and frontal occlusion stretching from the Isle of Man, Wales to Brighton on the south coast of England. A crazy temperature profile today a mild 12.4C at 0900 GMT rising to 12.8C then a cold spell falling to 10.8C at 13 GMT with rain before rising to a maximum of 16.0C at 1506 GMT after the sun had come out and a minimum 10.6C at 2126 GMT. Heavy rain SW and central S England and S Wales again. Tiree sunny again (Bournemouth 21.5C Porthmadog 18.5C, Fyvie Castle 3.5C, Cardinham 49.8 mm Pembrey Sands 22.6 mm, Tiree 12.5h Aberdaron 3.3h Valley 1.8h ) [Max 16.0C Min 10.6C Rain 3.5 mm].

    Overcast, dull, damp and breezy on the 12th, but it was fine and by 10 GMT some glimpses of sunshine. Again the housemartins were giving a fine display in the sheltered corner of the field/ Two or three flying over and inspecting the eaves of the house. Pressure 1010 mb was falling with low 977 mb Biscay and Charente Maritime, France. There was a trailing occlusion over the Irish Sea and the sky became increasingly dull in the afternoon thickening enough to bring on drizzle at 15 GMT. The highest temperature was 16.4C at 1127 GMT, that would have been regarded as a good summer temperature here 30/40-years ago. The 24-h maximum 17.7C was at 09 GMT tomorrow when warmer Continental air was being drawn across central Britain. Not good for outside work, sowed purple sprouting broccoli 'Rudolph', kale, chard (Beta vulgaris) and spinach in modules in the greenhouse. Wet in Loftus (41.6 mm) the town lying within the county of North Yorkshire. It lies in a region between Saltburn-by-the-Sea and the North York Moors, it was formerly known as Lofthouse (Tyndrum 23.2C Milford Haven 22.3C, Braemar 2.4C, Loftus 41.6 mm Cardiff 15.0 mm, Loch Glascarnoch 12.2h Aberdaron 8.6h Valley 2.5h) [Max 17.7C Min 10.5C Rain 0.2 mm]. The 13th began sunny and warm with an ENE'ly breeze, scattered clearing clouds, cirrus, altocumulus and cumulus, as an area or rain pushed northwards in N England and Newcastle where over the North Sea a group of sferics had earlier been recorded. With pressure on 1008 mb there was complex slow-moving low-pressure over Biscay and the Charente Maritime where the weather was poor. Warm air from the S was pushing against colder air in the N, a recipe for thunderstorms. A MetO Yellow warning had been issued for N Wales. We had a slight shower at 1450 GMT, just a few drops, and no thunder was heard. Storms did develop in the evening on a line from London to Liverpool (Porthmadog 25.5C, Edinburgh Botanic Gardens 12.4C Tredegar 18.6C, Exeter 7.7C Whitechurch 7.9C, Chillingham Barns 14.0 mm Scolton 8.2 mm, Wattisham 13.6h Aberdaron 9.4h) [Max 20.4C Min 12.9C Rain trace]. Sferics at 1443z on 14 June 2020. Courtesy of A warm start on the 14th with 20.4C recorded at 0900 GMT, the second daily maximum morning. Pressure 1013 mb was rising with a high 1010 mb over the Celtic Sea. Very fine, very clear visibility, but that was to change as with a Yellow warning still in force thunderstorms developed on a line over the Carneddau and Anglesey at 1308 GMT lasting for an hour. Rain fell briefly at a rate up to 75 mm/h at 1325 GMT with 9 mm falling in the hour and event total 14.4 mm. Had started planting out tomato plants on the vegetable plot, retired to shed, resumed later when the storm had passed, the soil previously dry then very wet (Santon Downham 25.5C Hawarden 22.8C, Okehampton 6.9C, Shawbury 31.0 mm Llansadwrn 14.4 mm, Stornoway 15.8h St Athan 9.3h) [Max 20.4C Min 14.2C Rain 14.4 mm]. . Another mild night and very fine at first on the 15th after yesterday's rain, foggy around the coast with moderate visibility here. Cooler this morning with 17.9C at 0900 GMT. Convective clouds were developing to the S and SE and there was an area of rain in S Snowdonia with Capel Curig getting 23.6 mm. Sferics were noted in the area of Shrewsbury and Cheshire, thunder was heard here at 1145 GMT rumbles continuing for about an hour. Only slight rain here, heavy in places including Wilmslow where there was heavy thunder and lightning. The evening was again brighter with glimpses of sunshine. Warmest at Astwood Bank a village south of Redditch. The village is noted for its successful cricket team, who have twice played at Lords in the National Village Knock Out Final (Astwood Bank 25.4C Cardiff 22.4C, Okehampton 6.3C, Castlederg 48.2 mm Capel Curig 23.6 mm, Lerwick 14.6h St Athan 10.0h) [Max 20.4 Min 11.9C Rain 0.5 mm].

    The first 15-days of the month have had nearly half of the normal June rainfall 33.0 mm (43%) and [49%] of averages, but not enough to fully restore the water balance. The mean temperature 13.8C a little below normal (-0.5) and [-0.1] of averages .

    Overcast at first on the 16th with a mild 15.8C air temperature at 0900 GMT. here was a low 1014 mb over the SW Approaches and another 1012 mb over the Baltic, we were in a large slack low-pressure area with 1015 mb here. Visibility was moderate in haze and there was just a light NE'ly breeze that felt fairly warm, if not muggy. There had been a light deposition of dust, a greyish colour with tones of light reddish brown. The SKIRON model indicated patchy Saharan dust over the UK and it's likely it was mixed with local and European dusts. Yellow warnings were out for thunderstorms and sferics were already in the vicinity of the Black Mountains of S Wales. There was a little brightness and glimpse of sunshine around 10 GMT. Sferics spread widely across Britain during the day. Thunder was heard at 1418 GMT and again later from the SE in the direction of the Carneddau Mountains. Fog developed late in the afternoon then cleared during the evening. Storms continued in the Midlands and N England late into the evening dying out before midnight (Heathrow 24.9C Usk 23.4C, Whitechurch 7.0C, Market Bosworth 49.6 mm Llysdinam 45.0 mm, Lerwick 13.1h St Athan 6.5h) [Max 20.5C Min 11.6C Rain 2.5 mm]. Fog returned just after midnight on the 17th and there was a spell of light to moderate rain from 01-03 GMT, it was still foggy at 0600 GMT. At 0900 GMT visibility was poor in mist, but the cloud was thinning a little and was brighter. The temperature was 15.1C (dewpoint 14.3) RH 95%. There was a shower of rain at 0920 GMT. Thunderstorms developed again in SW England, S Wales and Thannet. There was flooding of streets and property in the Rhondda Valley where the villages of Pentre and Maerdy were flooded some for the third time this year. Storms Ciara and Dennis left Wales with an estimated £180m clean-up bill and more than 1000 properties affected in Rhondda Cynon Taff (Source: BBC 19.6.20) an area also badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Sporadic thundery outbreaks occurred again over central England and Cumbria. Showery moderate to heavy rain in the afternoon when thunder was heard, further light showers around 2200 GMT. Localised storms along the N Wales coast (near Rhyl) in the evening (Writtle 24.8C Bala 23.2C, Lerwick 7.3C, Sutton Bonington 40.6 mm Libanus 19.8 mm, Morecambe 9.8h Hawarden 5.2h) [Max 19.4C Min 12.6C Rain 3.4 mm].

    Fog returned after midnight on the 18th and by morning visibility had improved, but was still poor with mist and slight rain at 0900 GMT. Pressure was on 1011 mb with low 1008 mb over the North Sea just off East Anglia where they were getting some welcome rainfall. An area of moderate to heavy rain was spreading from the ESE westward. MetO yellow warnings were in place for thunderstorms in southern Britain; Anglesey, Pembrokeshire and Cornwall were excluded from heavy rain warnings. We would be in the rain shadow of the Snowdonia Mountains as it was coming unusually from the east and not the prevailing southwest on this occasion. It was a dull day, slight rain and drizzle in the morning and a wet afternoon, heaviest at 1507 GMT when falling at 4.2 mm/h though the total was moderate. Not fit to do any outside jobs today (Achnagart 24.5C Porthmadog 17.9C, Aboyne 4.9C, St Athan 50.0 mm, Altnaharra 13.4h Aberdaron 0.5h) [Max 15.8C Min 13.7C Rain 9.6 mm]. Another poor day for gardening on the 19th, but not the garden that has needed the rain with the soil still on the dry side. At 0900 GMT poor misty visibility with heavy drizzle. With pressure steady on 1008 mb we had a low-pressure centre over the Irish Sea, pressure was high 1021 mb France. Similar miserable misty wet weather in the afternoon, very wet in Porthmadog (25.0 mm), but it did start to clear too late in the evening when a few glimpses of sunshine were seen (Altnaharra 22.2C Hawarden 18.4C, Altnaharra 7.6C, Salsburgh 26.6 mm Porthmadog 25.0 mm, Manston 9.4h St Athan 3.5h) [Max 15.3 Min 12.1C Rain 5.0 mm]. Tweet about outbreak of COVID-19 in Llangefni ...The 20th began mostly cloudy and continued variable trying to clear at 0900 GMT when 15.3C, it was sunny along the north and west coasts and visibility here was good. There was a band of cloud lying over North Wales to Sussex, elsewhere sunny. Pressure was steady on 1017 mb with Atlantic-low 985 mb S Iceland and to the SW of Ireland. With high 1023 mb over central France there were strengthening winds in the west as isobars tightened. It was breezy; the cloud broke up in the afternoon and allowed sunny spells though continuing rather breezy (Heathrow 23.0C Hawarden 22.7C, Katesbridge 5.2C, Kinlochewe 21.2 mm Trawsgoed 4.2 mm, Shoeburyness 12.1h Aberdaron 10.6h Valley 10.1h) [Max 19.8C Min 11.3C Rain 3.2 mm]. A blustery day on the 21st with a strong SW'ly wind. On a rising tide a few kitesurfing boards were out on the water at Rhosneiger, not seen for a while due to #Lockdown. Pressure 1010 mb was rising with low 976 mb S of Iceland and W of Scotland. The sky was again mostly cloudy with a triple point near Morecambe. Fine with some weak sunshine at times in the morning, sunny spells in the afternoon with towering cumuli seen over the Snowdonia Mountains. A threatening cumulus cloud passed over here and produced a few spots of rain at 1335 GMT. Staked and tied up recently potted up chrysanthemum plants as it looked like a windy spell coming up. A developing frontal wave low over the Atlantic at noon 1007 mb began sneakily tracking towards SW Ireland reaching there 1003 mb at midnight (Heathrow 23.9C Hawarden 19.1C, Aboyne 7.4C, Whitechurch 23.4 mm, Aberdaron 11.2h) [Max 17.1C Min 12.1C Rain trace]

    A very windy day on the 22nd, at 0900 GMT with pressure steady on 1019 mb there was a S'ly force 6 to 7, force 8 had been forecast for the Irish Sea, unseasonable for this time in June, but not unusual. Overcast, conditions were dry here, but rain was on the radar off South Stack and the Llyn. The sneaky low was 1003 mb off Malin Head with a triple point SE Ireland at 06 GMT, pressure was high 1028 mb relatively closeby over Brittany, as a result isobars were tight to the W and NW including the Celtic Sea. The day continued dull and breezy with strong gusts. There was light rain from 16 to 20 GMT (Heathrow 23.9C Cardiff 22.8C, Aboyne 2.3C, Eskdalemuir 17.2 mm Whitechurch 14.6 mm, Shoeburyness 15.5h St Athan 9.4h) [Max 16.4C Min 10.9C Rain 1.0 mm]. Meteosat MSG image (c) EUMETSAT at 12 GMT on 23 June 2020, courtesy of Ferdinand Valk.The sky was overcast again on the 23rd, visibility was poor and there was slight drizzle although nothing was indicated on the rainfall radar. Pressure 1021 mb was rising with lows 1010 mb Norwegian Sea and 984 mb S Iceland, there was a cold front lying across the N Channel to the Azores. Pressure was high 1026 mb over the Netherlands, northern Britain was wet while with a plume of warmer air encroaching southern Britain it was sunny and warm in the SE resulting in an early temperature range NW 12C to 24C SE. The afternoon eventually turned sunny and warm here 21.3C at 1500 GMT as the cloud moved northwards clearing Anglesey (Heathrow 28.6C Cardiff 25.3C Fair Isle 13.3C, Kinbrace 7.7C, Eskdalemuir 22.8 mm Whitechurch 5.2 mm, Wattisham 15.4h St Athan 14.9h Valley 3.4h) [Max 21.3C Min 14.2C Rain 0.1 mm].

    Herbaceous border in our garden at Gadlys.

    The 24th began very fine and sunny with 4 oktas cover of cirrus clouds. Pressure was on 1021 mb in a ridge of high-pressure from high 1028 mb over S Norway to Wales. There was lingering frontal cloud to the NW that was not to bother us. The warmer air had reached us and winds were light. The local farmer took advantage of the light wind and sprayed the adjacent barley field which is growing up well. Sunny with the temperature reaching a warm 23.8C here in the afternoon. Hot in parts of southern Britain (Heathrow 32.6C Cardiff 30.0C Harris Quidnish 14.5C, Redesdale 8.1C Mona 8.3C, Port Ellen, Islay 15.2 mm, Morecambe 15.4h Aberdaron 15.0h) [Max 26.4C Min 11.7C Rain nil]. Tweet about outbreak the hot weather ...Well you don't seem to be able to have hot weather in these parts without thunderstorms developing. On the morning of the 25th there were sferics recorded over the N channel at 07 GMT tracking north-east. Convergent breezes developed with cloud development at first over Morecambe Bay, the breeze settling into a SW'ly here. The temperature at 0900 GMT was a remarkable 26.4C (dewpoint 19.3C) RH 65% the maximum of the past 24-h. And it kept on rising reaching a record hot 31.3C at 1307 GMT. Towering cumulus clouds were seen and cumulonimbus developed and thunder was heard from 1706 GMT onwards. Sferics at 2128z on 25 June 2020. Courtesy of Frequent TL observed with heavy rain showers with a rate of 46 mm/h at 1950 GMT and 5.0 mm of rain falling in an hour. Heavier rates up to 64 mm/h at 2240 GMT with brilliant lightning was seen from Llanfairfechan and Holyhead (Heathrow 33.4C Cardiff & Llansadwrn 31.3 Stornoway 14.7C, Loch Glascarnoch 6.2C, Port Ellen, Islay 20.6 mm Llansadwrn 8.8 mm Mona 0.6 mm, Wattisham 15.9h Valley 14.0h) [Max 31.3C Min 15.3C Rain 9.0 mm]. Thunder and lightning at 02 GMT on the 26th with heavy shower of rain. By morning there were signs of a break in the covering of cloud and there was a little weak sunshine, even a glimpse of clear sunshine. An overnight air minimum of 16.4C was highest of the month and highest since 2006 17.4C with the 17.6C in 2005 highest on record. Fine and warm with 19.7 at 0900 GMT. Pressure was on 1007 mb with a thundery low 1006 mb over Ireland, a cold front lay over the Celtic Sea and there were shower troughs over the western fringe and Thannet in the SE. Visibility was good with smoke haze moderate level 5. Tweet about 10 degrees less than yesterday ...A brief sunny spell in the evening then heavy rain up to 30 mm/h at 2330 GMT and thunder and lightning here at 2319 GMT and 2345 GMT (Kew Gardens 31.2C Hawarden 27.3C Aberdaron 14.9C, Braemar 7.4C, Castlederg 40.6 mm Whitechurch 22.4 mm, Reading University 14.1h Hawarden 5.9h Valley 0.5h) [Max 20.8C Min 16.4C Rain 9.8 mm]. There was more thunder and lightning locally after midnight on the 27th with heavy rain at 0220 GMT. The sky was overcast in the morning and it was spotting with rain at 0900 GMT. Cooler with 14.5C 93% RH, visibility was good the air pollution at a lower level 2 this morning. Pressure 998 mb was falling with complex low 994 mb off Malin Head, 993 mb at noon. Dull and breezy, blustery at times, a glimpse of sunshine then a shower of rain at 0930 GMT. Frequent showers throughout the day, unfit for work in the garden, there were 12 wet hours in the 24-h period (Kinloss 26.5C Hawarden 20.4C Capel Curig 14.6C, Redesdale 8.9C, Sennybridge 24.0 mm, Stornoway 8.5h Hawarden 2.6C Valley 0.9h) [Max 16.7C Min 13.0C Rain 5.2 mm].

    The 28th dawned mostly cloudy and very windy. At 0900 GMT pressure 1003 mb was rising with slow-moving, but filling low 987 mb near N Scotland. Visibility was moderate with rain in sight. The weather was sunny in the SE, but again in the NW there were light to heavy showers. A mostly cloudy day, with rain and or drizzle almost throughout, heaviest at 1509 GMT 3.8 mm/h, and strong to gale-force SW'ly wind. Rain duration (wet hours) were 17 in the 24-h period. Coolest day with 13.6C since the 3rd 12.1C (Heathrow 22.0C Cardiff 17.6C Blencathra 10.8C, Okehampton 8.9C, Kielder Castle 48.0 mm Lake Vyrnwy 28.4 mm, Manston 11.9h Aberporth 6.1h Valley 0.8h) [Max 13.6C Min 11.2C Rain 14.2 mm]. The 29th was a very dull and sunless day, low hill fog on the Snowdonia Mountains where very wet. Cooler than of late and windy too the WSW'ly force 5 moderating through the day. A 0900 GMT there was just 65 W m -2 of solar radiation and this improved to only 269 W m -2 at 14 GMT some 25% of what could be expected this time of year. Pressure 1005 mb was rising with low 988 mb little changed still N of Scotland. An occlusion was sitting over N Wales and the cloud base was about 500 ft with drizzle at times here. Not much precipitation in daylight hours, light rain after midnight of duration 5 hours. Wet at Capel Curig (Heathrow 21.7C Cardiff 17.0C Lake Vyrnwy 10.7C, Dalwhinnie 8.4C, Capel Curig 34.6 mm, Manston 8.7h St Athan 1.6h Valley 0.0h) [Max 13.6C Min 10.5C Rain 1.8 mm]. The 30th and the last day of a strange June, the record setting weather events and COVID-19 pandemic issues, not that we have seen the end of either. Well, it had stopped raining at 0900 GMT after all night drizzle and rain. The sun was starting to break through the mostly cloudy sky. Cool, bright and wet, but not the end of 4-days of unseasonable weather. Pressure was not seeing much change with low 992 mb on the southern tip of Norway it was 1005 mb here. The day kept mostly cloudy with showery rain at times duration 9 hours. Pressure had fallen to 1002 mb at 1800 GMT when we had a short spell of heavy rain on a frontal system and quick fall in temperature of 3C from 16C (Weybourne 21.9C Hawarden 19.5C, Lake Vyrnwy 9.5C, Ballypatrick Forest 9.8 mm Bala 3.4 mm, Tiree 10.5h Bala 2.1h Valley 0.8h) [Max 15.9C Min 11.1C Rain 4.6 mm] .

    The month ended with a rainfall total of 102.4 mm (144%) & [151%] of averages largest since 2017, one of the 19th wettest in Llansadwrn since 1928. The mean temperature was 14.7C (+0.5) & [+0.8] of averages highest since 2018 and the 12th warmest June in my records since 1979. The 31.3C on the 25th was the highest recorded in June at this station since records began in 1979 Despite 6 sunny days (>10h) it was a dull month overall, the 137.5 h sunshine at RAF Valley the 9th lowest on the Anglesey record back to 1931. There was an unusually high number of thunder events, but no hail .


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    July 2020

    July 1 - began in a dull and wet manner . At 0900 GMT with the sky overcast it was misty with drizzle imparting moderate visibility. The temperature was 14.0C with 95% RH, rising to 16.8C at noon. Pressure was 1003 mb in a trough of low-pressure N Wales and N England within a large area low 976 mb centred N Finland. It rained on and off most of the day (Weybourne 21.9C Hawarden 19.5C, Exeter 9.5C, Ballypatrick Forest 9.8 mm Bala 3.4 mm, Tiree 10.5h Bala 2.1h) [Max 16.8C Min 12.2C Rain 12.8 mm].



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