Davis Vantage Vue automatic garden weather station.

Llanfairfechan, Conwy

Data generated by Vantage Vue AWS

at 17:44 GMT on 15/01/21

Logo: Llansadwrn Weather - Melin Llynnon, Ynys Môn.

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Latest Weather at
Gorwel Heights(241 ft)

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Temperature 24-h      Air pressure msl

Dewpoint 24-h      Relative humidity 24-h

Total Rain 24-h      Rain rate 24-h

Wind direction      High wind speed mph

Today's Rain  Storm Rain Total  Current Rain Rate  Monthly Rain Total  Yearly Rain Total

E at 1.0 mph
1025.6 mb & Falling Slowly
Today's Rain
0.0 mm
Rain Rate
0.0 mm/hr
Storm Total
41.6 mm
Monthly Rain
70.4 mm
Yearly Rain
70.4 mm
Wind Chill

Today's Highs/Lows
00-00 GMT

High Temperature

Low Temperature

4.4C   at   12:49

0.6C  at    5:03

High Humidity

Low Humidity

31%    at  16:58

0%   at   0:00

High Dewpoint

Low Dewpoint

-12.2C   at  16:58

-84.4C at  0:00

High Barometer

Low Barometer

1030.9 mb   at   9:52

1025.6 mb  at   17:38

High Rain Rate

0.0 mm/hr   at  ----

High Wind Speed

7.0 mph   at   4:23

Low Wind Chill

-0.6C   at 4:38

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